Slaven Wilder is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Broken Sands region of the Dalmasca Estersand and various locations in the Mosphoran Highwaste. It will not attack unless provoked. It rarely drops the Firefly accessory.

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Page 1: Observations[edit | edit source]

Being a slaven born feral, hence called 'wilder.' Perhaps owing to its ancestors' history of industrial labor, it prefers to inhabit land rich in ore. There it feeds on small beasts and the roots of plants. Owing to their slow rate of maturation and habit of sitting still among ore-rich rocks, it is common to see magnificent crystalline structures on the creatures' backs, accumulated through contact with the rocks around them. Though it moves quite slowly, it is known for its fierce temper when aroused.

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 15 of 78[edit | edit source]

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