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Slaven Warder is a giant/slaven-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Paramina Rift. It has weak health and tends to be asleep. The player can rarely steal a Headband from it.

Bestiary entry[]

Page 1: Observations[]

Being beasts once used to pull freight sledges filled with heavy materials over rough, mountainous terrain. With innovations in transportation, they grew scarce, and now only a few remain, and these feral. Stores of fat under the thick hide of their backs provided sustenance when famine visited the cold, barren climes where once they worked. Observers have attested to the impressive efficacy of these deposits, individuals having reportedly survived for over a year without nourishment.

Page 2: The Art of Collecting, Excerpt[]

Those who are slaves to another, be they humanoid, hume, or beast, must wear a harness with the brand of their master, proving ownership. Most such brands bear the mark of noble houses, and amongst them can occasionally be seen the crests of house long since fallen. Scholars and collectors covet the harnesses of such forgotten dynasties either for their historical value, or merely for their rarity. Of these, the slaven harness is the most prized.



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