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Slash-All is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Slash-All or the Mega All Materia. The ability replaces the Attack command, and instead causes a physical attack against each member of the enemy party, ignoring row.


Command Materia Slash-All, Mega All
Effect Physical attack against each member of enemy party. Long range.
Compatible Support Materia None


FFVII Tifa Slash-All.png
FFVII Vincent Slash-All.png

Tifa and Vincent using Slash-All.

Slash-All replaces the basic Attack command when equipped. Unlike a normal physical attack, Slash-All can hit targets in the back row for full damage without requiring a ranged weapon or the Long Range Materia. The attack is especially useful for defeating groups of enemies quickly.

Slash-All is not compatible with any Support Materia. However, any Support Materia that affects the physical damage dealt by a normal attack will also apply to Slash-All, including Elemental and Added Effect. All status afflictions caused by the attack are considered No Split, even though the damage itself is split between enemies.

Slash-All is best used by characters with a high Strength to deal the most damage: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Cid. Barret can also take advantage of the high amount of AP that the Materia has for his ultimate weapon, Missing Score, in addition to dealing strong physical damage with his Strength stat.

Slash-All is provided by the Slash-All Materia at level 1, though when this is upgraded, it is replaced with Flash, a similar ability that instead attempts to inflict Instant Death on all enemies. If the player does not wish to use this, the alternatives are to master the Slash-All Materia and use the duplicated, level 1 Materia, or to use the ability from the Mega All Materia instead.

When compared with 4x-Cut, although 4x-Cut can deal more damage, Slash-All is more reliable.


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