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Slaps is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII fought in the forests in the Woodlands Area and in the second round of the Battle Square in Part 2 onwards after Gold Saucer reopens. When fought in the Battle Square its stats are enhanced with double the regular HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.

They can be a nuisance as they may inflict Berserk with his Berserk Needle. Also may inflict Poison and Sadness with his Bug Needle. Finally, may inflict Paralyze with its Paralyzer Needle which always targets whoever has the lowest current HP, and only use once per battle.



# Formation
188 Row 1: Slaps A, Slaps B
Row 2: Slaps C
189 Row 1: Slaps A, Slaps B
Row 2: Slaps C, Slaps D
Row 3: Slaps E
191 Slaps A, Slaps B, Slaps C, Slaps D (Attack from both sides)


Woodlands Area
Forest 188, 189, 191 (Attack from both sides)
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group B - Battle 2 189

AI scriptEdit

Start of battle

Declare Paralyzer = false

1/8 Chance
If (Paralyzer = false) Then

Use Paralyzer Needle on opponent with lowest HP

Paralyzer = True

Else: Use Berserk Needle on random opponent

1/8 Chance: Use Bug Needle on random opponent

3/4 Chance: Use Berserk Needle on random opponent


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