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For the enemy ability in Final Fantasy V, see: Final Fantasy V enemy abilities#Slap.

Slapper is an enemy in Final Fantasy VIII found in Galbadia Garden's ice rink. If Squall and the party speak to a Galbadian student in the ice rink locker room during their first visit to Galbadia Garden, the student will make mention of this demi-human team.

Slapper is one of very few enemies without a Triple Triad card.


Battle Edit

Slappers use Formation M! Go!!!, which is Blizzara cast according to the number of present Slappers. Formation G! Go!!! is a physical attack called Stick dealt to the party according to the number of present Slappers times a number between 1 to 4. We have heart! Go Galbadia! is a critical attack that causes a party member's Vitality to drop to zero.

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