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Slactuar is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in parts of Leide, Duscae and Cleigne. It is a very rare enemy that will only respawn after a minimum of 15 minutes. They look like a regular cactuar, only of a lighter hue, and inflict Confusion rather than Poison.

They commonly appear in Timed Quests where they fight alongside cactuars. These battles are great grinding opportunities. Completing their Timed Quest rewards 100 QP. The cactuar + slactuar combo is fought on the following days of the month: 1, 6, 16, 21 and 25. The day 21 quest is different from the others: the player fights 25 of the enemies rather than 100 and the battle is atop the stone arches in Rydielle Ley in Duscae; the player can reach there on a chocobo.


Quick-footed creature that enjoys lazing around. Much like its speedy sibling, the slactuar has rarely been spotted in the wild. Perhaps because of its proclivity toward resting up whenever possible, this cactuar subspecies exhibits slightly more resilience than its progenitor.
Size: 2.39 ft. Weight: 13.0 lb.
Slactuar that appeared in great number in the Causcherry Plains of Duscae. Hunters and scientists alike were baffled by this sudden and unprecedented outbreak, now dubbed "The Night of 100,000 Needles." Biologists have set out to understand why this surge in population occurred, but their research has not yet borne fruit.
Size: 2.36 ft. Weight: 12.7 lb.
Slactuar encountered atop the Duscaen Arches. Scientists have proposed several theories regarding why everyone's favorite flora was discovered so far above sea level, the most prominent of which being that the slactuar wanted to relax and enjoy a nice view where humans would never tread.
Size: 2.39 ft. Weight: 13.0 lb.





How to findEdit

Slactuars were notoriously elusive in the early versions of the game. They spawn in the early morning between 4:00–7:59 in the same places where cactuars spawn; one such spot is just north of Hammerhead, but the slactuar's spawn time makes it more difficult to find one easily as the player can't advance time at the haven to the right time of day. The player can save at 4AM and then roam until 8, and if it doesn't spawn, reload their game. After killing one, the player will have to wait 15 minutes minimum until another will appear. Whereas the regular cactuars spawn alone, slactuars spawn alongside groups of sabertusks (or voretooths when fought in Duscae).

The inclusion of Timed Quests makes fighting cactuars and slactuars (and thus collecting their spoils) easy as they spawn in great numbers in predetermined places in predetermined times.



Needles attack.

The slactuars' needle attacks deal fixed damage. They are fast-footed and dart about rapidly, often too fast for even Noctis's warp-strike to hit. They are weak to daggers and firearms. Their Confusion-inducing attack disperses from above and cannot be phased through. They boost their defense with Stalwart.


The player can wait for the slactuar to use its needle attack, dodge it, and then engage.

When faced in Timed Quests they are good for grinding. The player can try to kill them with warp-strikes to yield AP as well, but they tend to be evasive. The player should protect against Confusion for these quests with accessories or food (or Magitek Exosuit). Prompto's Gravisphere aimed at a cactuar/slactuar surrounded by its kin is especially effective. His Gravisphere damage can be boosted by giving him more Magic power. The player can also boost Noctis's strength with accessories, items, food and attires and use the Noiseblaster's charged special attack (via what is usually the warp button) against groups of cactuars and slactuars.

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