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FFL Sky Town

Sky Town on the world map.

Sky Town (空中の町, Kuuchuu no Machi?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend, located directly west of the Tower.


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The party learns numerous information inside this town. Byak-Ko rules the sky from a gigantic flying castle, and he's looking for guards. Those interested should go to the pub. There's also a town hidden in the clouds. The last interesting bit of information is most resistance members has been crushed by Byak-Ko.

The main characters enters into the pub, but the guards block their path telling them that this place is only for Byak-Ko the White Tiger and his men. One of the party members talks back to the guard which enrages his and engages the party into battle.

After his defeat, he ask the party if they want to join Byak-Ko's guards and they agree.

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Name Cost
FFL Sword IconKatana 2060 GP
FFL Sword IconSilver 10,712 GP
FFL Sword IconOgre 9880 GP
Musket 800 GP
E-Whip 800 GP
Grenade 800 GP
FFL Armor IconDragon 8500 GP
Wand 750 GP
FFL Book IconIce 500 GP


Name Cost
Strong 300 GP
Agility 300 GP
HP400 1,000 GP
Potion 50 GP
XPotion 200 GP
Bell 100 GP
Eyedrop 500 GP
Needle 500 GP
Elixir 10,000 GP
Heart 10,000 GP


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