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Swift and dexterous, sky pirates sail the skies in search of treasure and adventure.


Sky Pirate is a job class exclusive to Vaan in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. The fake Vaan has the additional description "Assuming this -is- a sky pirate..."


Sky Pirate is a variant of the Thief job, carrying many abilities that make it easier to steal higher level loot and gil. Vaan's high Speed stat complements these abilities, but they are marred by low growth rates for every other statistic. This doesn't hurt the overall purpose of the Sky Pirate, which is looting an enemy's valuables, though to promote growth in other areas the player may want to change to another job and keep the Piracy ability set. The unique Salvage ability is useful in "Destroy all the traps" missions, as normally the only way to destroy them is to set them off. In other missions, Salvage can be used with Libra or a Ranger's Awareness ability to acquire extra loot.

The Sky Pirate can be an offensive force with repeated use of Steal to build up the power of Life of Crime. The player can focus on building up Evasion to compensate for low defensive capabilities. Having Sky Pirate as a secondary class for a Ninja and equipping two Reverie Shields, the Azure Tear and Ninja Gear will bring Vaan's Evasion to 80, and Razors Edge will bring it up to 100, dodging all damaging attacks 99% of the time. Life of Crime's damage modifier helps to combat the low attack due to not wielding a weapon.

Salvage can be combined with Ranger's any kinds of trap to gain infinite loot.


Vaan is a secret character. Penelo is recruited in the "An Elegant Encounter" quest, and Vaan in the "Where could he be?" quest right after Penelo's. The player must be at the end of the game, right before the last quest: "The Ritual", and head for Fluorgis. An event bubble appears that lets the party meet Al-Cid, and Penelo will join. Another event bubble will appear on the same map. Winning the battle has Vaan join the party.



SKY PIRATES know countless tricks to make the money of many into the wealth of one.

Skill Equipment Range AP
Trophy Hunt Harpe Weapon range 300
A weak attack that nonetheless yields the highest level loot should it fell the target.
Shadow Stalk Mastered Weapon range
Strike at your target from the shadows. Bypasses reaction abilities.
Salvage Mastered 1
Disarm traps surrounding the unit. Any traps disarmed in the process yield loot.
Life of Crime Ebon Blade 1 300
For sky pirates, crime pays. Deals damage based on the number of times the unit has used the Steal command.
Steal Mastered 1
Steal target's items, gil, or loot.
Swipe Manganese Saber 1 300
Pick the target's pocket with blinding speed. Steals a large quantity of gil.
Razor's Edge Mastered Self
Place the unit in a heightened state of awareness. Raises EVASION.
Flee Adamant Blade Self 300
Enable the unit to flee its attacker by boosting MOVE and JUMP.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Sticky Fingers Mastered Catch items thrown at the user and place them in the party's inventory.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Vigilance Mastered Attacks from the user's back or sides deal normal damage.



Air pirates, also known as sky pirates, are a type of stock character from science fiction and fantasy. Fictional air pirates typically operate as pirates in the air, or, in general, the atmosphere of a planet, dwarf planet or moon, and travel by aircraft, as opposed to the more traditional pirates on the high seas, who travel by ship.