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Outlaw who takes treasure at the point of a sword.


The Sky Pirate is an enemy hume job in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

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Battle Edit

The Sky Pirate is a Melee unit. Its abilities include many "Rend" attacks that decrease enemies' statistics. Because of this and its First Aid skill, the Sky Pirate is more of a defensive job class.

Abilities Edit

Skill Effect
Attack Deal melee damage to one foe.
Rend Power Lower one foe's Strength.
Rend Magick Lower one foe's Magick.
Rend Speed Lower one foe's Speed.
Rend Armor Lower one foe's Stamina.
Rend Mind Lower one foe's Mind.
First Aid Restore HP to one ally.
Will of Steel Increases group's Stamina.

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Etymology Edit

Air pirates, also known as sky pirates, are a type of stock character from science fiction and fantasy. Fictional air pirates typically operate as pirates in the air, or, in general, the atmosphere of a planet, dwarf planet or moon, and travel by aircraft, as opposed to the more traditional pirates on the high seas, who travel by ship.

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