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Readies a devastating counterattack to unleash when next attacked.


Sky, also known as Retort,[1][2] is Cyan's level 6 Bushido technique in Final Fantasy VI. It requires two charges, and readies a power magic-based counterattack. When attacked, Cyan will unleash the unblockable, defense-ignoring attack on an enemy.


Cyan learns Sky at level 6.

Gogo can also use any Bushido techniques that Cyan has learned by equipping Bushido in Gogo's ability menu. This allows Gogo to use Sky.


As a magic damage ability with a spell power of 68, it deals damage with the following formula:

where "Level" refers to the user's level, and Magic refers to the user's Magic stat.

Sky cannot be blocked, and ignores the target's Defense, meaning it will hit for full damage provided the attack does not miss. It is non-elemental, meaning its damage is the same regardless of the enemy's elemental affinity.

Sky is a component in the "psycho Cyan bug".


Sky can deal heavy unblockable damage to a single target, normally over twice that of the basic Bushido technique, Fang (stats depending). Because Sky is a counterattack and takes two charges, it cannot be specifically targeted, and is less effective the more party members are available. Sky can be used effectively with Knight's Code, as Cyan will cover for a critical party member and then unleash the attack.

In comparison to other techniques, Sky's main drawback is its unreliability. Though Fang will normally deal less damage, it takes half the time to charge, and applies instantly without needing an enemy attack first. Similarly, the technique Flurry, which takes twice as much time as Sky to charge, deals much more damage and deals damage across specific targets.

Sky mostly remains useful in specific circumstances where Cyan will take a lot of hits, in which it is his most turn-efficient means of dealing damage with Bushido. However, because most of Cyan's damage is physical, players should focus on boosting his Strength stat by leveling him up with magicite equipped to boost his Strength stat instead; as a consequence, Sky will mostly fall off in damage.

Due to Gogo's naturally higher Magic stat, Gogo benefits more from Sky than from other Bushido techniques; however, Bushido benefits Gogo less than other skillsets, and thus, Gogo is less likely to use it.