Skill Points were the equivalent to class experience points in Final Fantasy XIV's Armory System during the original launch period. They were earned by performing actions specific to your current class's role, and were added to that class's total, granting a new Class Rank every few thousands, unlocking new abilities and raising the status cap as your class ranked up.

Disciples of War and Disciples of Magic[edit | edit source]

Originally, combat disciplines all had a chance to gain SP by attacking a claimed monster, healing a party member during a battle, casting an enfeebling spell on an enemy, parrying an attack or casting a enhancing spell on an ally during a battle. The Sentinel "class" only gained SP by successfully blocking an attack. Also, any action that resulted in the death of the enemy always granted SP to the killer. However, this system wasn't well received and was completely scrapped on the first large scale update, and SP was afterwards awarded in the same way as experience points [1]

The actual amount of SP earned was affected by several factors:

  • Enemy's rank compared to the player's.
  • Damage/healing done by your action, compared to the target's max HP.
  • Bonuses such as Guardian's Aspect or party bonus.
  • Fatigue penalty.

Disciples of the Land[edit | edit source]

Gatherers received skill points when they gathered. Each try on main-hand nodes either provided full SP in case of success, half SP in the case of "close failure" (such as breaking the item or letting the fish go) or one quarter in case of "total failure" (not hitting any item or getting a bite). As for off-hand tries, players only got SP on successful attempts, and they always received around half the SP they would get from a main hand node of the same grade.

The exact amount of SP was affected by the following factors:

  • Node Grade.
  • Success/close failure/complete failure.
  • Guardian's Aspect (for the guildleves that require the player to deplete three different nodes, extra SP is earned for each successful gathering, while the guildleves that ask to gather special items give bonus to the SP earned when getting the item).
  • Fatigue penalty.

Disciples of the Hand[edit | edit source]

Crafters received SP every time they crafted an item, affected by the following factors:

  • Recipe rank.
  • Percentage achieved (in case of failure, the closer to completion, the higher the SP gain will be).
  • Quality earned (extra quality from +1/+2+3 materials will not grant extra SP).
  • Durability left.
  • Guildleve bonus.
  • Fatigue penalty.

A Realm Reborn[edit | edit source]

The skill point system outlined here was completely done away with in the Realm Reborn version of Final Fantasy XIV; in that version of the game, classes only have an experience level, and there is no separate character physical level. Abilities and stats are gained by leveling up the class directly.

References[edit | edit source]

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