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Sketching Miracles was a single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Set once more in the Realm of Final Fantasy VI, players joined Shadow, Celes, and Strago in their search for Relm, who ran off in a tantrum after she was told to stay home.


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On a lead from Emperor Gestahl with assistance from General Leo Cristophe and the sellsword Shadow, Terra and Locke decide to head for Crescent Island by ferry to investigate Esper activity. Upon landing, they come across the backwater village of Thamasa, where the inhabitants appear to be hiding something; they are acting very strangely when these outsiders approach. Terra spots a young boy using what appears to be Fire magic; and one other child who suffered an injury begs to be healed as Terra is discovered by the child's mother, who scrambles to hide her secret. The rest of the townspeople won't talk to strangers at all, except for a man in his waning years named Strago, who at first tries to continue the charade. However, ten-year-old Relm scampers into the room as Strago is interrogated, and accidentally reveals something about Strago to which the old man scolds her and sends her back to her room in a huff. Shadow's dog, Interceptor, takes a liking to the girl and follows, though he is usually hostile around people in general. Terra and company stay the night at the inn.

In the middle of the night, all are awakened by the smell of smoke and the crackle of flame as Relm has apparently snuck off to a friend's house. Interceptor is also missing. Meanwhile, the townspeople band together in a fire brigade and attempt to douse the fires from a burning house with Blizzard magic, but the flames are much too strong for them, and the house is nearly consumed. Strago pleads with Terra and Locke to save Relm, and so they push through the engulfed house to find the source of the blaze: a Flame Eater drawn to the Flame Rods inside. The trio defeats the beast, only to find Relm unconscious. Luckily, Shadow arrives in the nick of time, and drops a Smoke Bomb to whisk everyone to safety. Interceptor had guarded the girl of his own volition.

With the "big secret" of the town's magic revealed, Strago offers his assistance, and guides the team to the Esper Caves, whereupon three idols are discovered. Strago explains that the Espers have come to worship these, effigies of the great Warring Triad from a thousand years ago. Orthros suddenly drops in and attacks; nothing will get between him and the gold these statues contain. The party confronts him; and Relm, having tagged along in the party's shadow, joins the fray. Using her skills and another well-timed tantrum, she clones Orthros on canvas, smacking the squid with his own arm and causing him to flee.

The party finds the Espers gathered in the largest of the caves, and Terra manages to speak with their leader, Yura, negotiating a truce and ending the human-Esper standoff. This, however, leads all parties into a trap staged by the Empire's top brass; Kefka arrives on the scene with Gestahl and Imperial machinery close behind. Thamasa and the Espers are decimated, and Leo is slain at Kefka's hand.

The events at Thamasa trigger a chain reaction far to the south, and the Esper lands rise to the skies, becoming the Floating Continent and revealing the whereabouts of the Triad. Interceptor manages to alert the party to Shadow's disappearance, even as he is heavily wounded. Meanwhile, Strago and Relm join the party for good, with Strago fearing that an imbalance in the Triad's alignment could have disastrous consequences. The party takes off in the Blackjack to reach the Triad, but is slowed by Orthros, Typhon, and the Empire's air assault forces.

Upon reaching the new land, the party finds Shadow gravely wounded after a fallout with the Empire, but still able to fight. Together, they slash through the island's most ancient defenses, but they arrive one step too late; Kefka and Gestahl are already scheming to disrupt the Triad, but not before Celes turns a blade intended for her friends on Kefka himself. In rage, Kefka kills Gestahl with the Triad's power, then moves the statues himself. Shadow once again intervenes, telling the party to escape before the island collapses. This is the last of Shadow's story... or is it?

One year after Kefka and the Triad ripped the world apart and scattered the party, Celes goes into a suicidal depression after being stranded on a solitary island, but snaps out of it when a carrier pigeon wrapped in a bandana gives her a sign of hope. Meanwhile, Shadow's whereabouts are unknown, though sources say he passed through Thamasa; Strago becomes mesmerized by the Cult of Kefka; and Relm resumes work as an artist in Jidoor, commissioned by Owzer to expel the demon Chadarnook from a painting of Lakshmi he started. Though drawn to the nearby Magicite's power, the demon is quickly subdued by the rest of the party. Relm rejoins, and the party makes for the Cultists' Tower, where Relm brings Strago to sense with her sharp tongue.

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  • This was the 50th unique Challenge Event in the game's international history.