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Skeleton is a common enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Steyliff Grove, and the Greyshire Glacial Grotto and Fociaugh Hollow mazes. They can also be summoned by necromancers and psychomancers.

Skeletons deal both physical and magical damage, their magical attacks being the energy ball that they send forth that tracks the player, and their self-destruction parry. If summoned, they die when the necromancer/psychomancer that summoned it dies. They are weak to greatswords, machinery and ice. Skeletons are unremarkable enemies and easily defeated, commonly encountered as diversions as they accompany stronger enemies.

A group of five Lv.15 skeletons fights in Duscae Deathmatch in Totomostro during the nighttime under the team name Funny Bones.


Hominid daemon devoid of flesh. The apparent lack of muscle does not seem to prevent its locomotion, which no doubt owes to some daemonic mechanism beyond the ken of modern biology.
Size: 5.21 ft. Weight: 116.4 lb.
Skeleton bound to a necromancer. These skeletons tend to be weaker than their combat-tested independent brethren, often ceding the front line in battle until animated forth by their masters.
Size: 5.15 ft. Weight: 115.5 lb.
Skeleton bound to a psychomancer. Though possessed of greater power than the common skeleton, this breed remains subservient to its master, only marching into battle when psychically commanded to do so.
Size: 5.28 ft. Weight: 117.7 lb.
The skeleton that lives in the icy heart of Greyshire may appear no different from its bony brethren elsewhere, but the cold chill of the grotto hardens and sharpens its osseous body as well as its murderous mind.
Size: 5.34 ft. Weight: 118.6 lb.


Lvl 24 Enemy

Lvl 21 Enemy

Lvl 62 Enemy

Lvl 65 Enemy

Other appearances[]

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV[]

Skeletons will block the last hit in Regis's combos unless their guard is opened beforehand with a Shield Bash (Circle/B). Red skeletons will automatically block any Strong Slashes (Triangle/Y) and counter Quick Slashes (Square/X).

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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Behind the scenes[]

Global vs. Chinese version.

Skeleton's model was altered for the Chinese version, by making it into a goblin-like creature with the bones painted onto its skin.

The official guide does not list the minion versions of skeletons. Their stats are slightly lower than their regular counterparts.



A skeleton is a type of physically manifested undead often found in fantasy, gothic and horror fiction, and mythical art. Most are human skeletons, but they can also be from any creature or race found on Earth or in the fantasy world.