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Skarnbulette is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during the Hammer the Cannibals hunt.

A Lv.33 skarnbulette fights in Duscae Deathmatch in Totomostro under the team name Lantern Shields.


Bulette specimen noted for its red pigmentation. While this genetic anomaly is naturally occurring, few have been spotted in the wild. The skarnbulette is responsible for much of the in-fighting observed among bulette herds and is often seen later leading the charge against unsuspecting civilians.
Size: 10.33 ft. Weight: 1.45 t


Hammer the CannibalsCauthess Rest Area1
Red Hunt Icon
Skarnbulette x3, Bulette x3Kettier Highland (All Times)386,910 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★



A pack of skarnbulettes is fought in a crater in Duscae region. The battle arena has a rock and a rock formation in the middle where the player can point-warp. They are weak to shields, machinery and ice and resist fire and light. They curl up and roll onto the party to deal damage (can be parried). They chase after the party to attack with their short claws (can be phased through). They are covered in armor and thus are fairly resilient. When vulnerable they lie on their side and don't fight back for a time.


Fighting in the middle of the pack often leads to the player being knocked down a lot as the skarnbulettes keep charging. The player can stand on the rock formation and throw ice Elemancy at the pack to damage all of them at once with their weakness. The player can use ranged weapons from afar, certain royal arms or firearms, although the latter is not particularly strong.

If the player has unlocked character-swap for Prompto, they can retreat up the side of the crater to fire at the pack from afar. Techniques that damage over an area of effect can be good, like Gladiolus's Techniques and Prompto's Gravisphere or Recoil. The player can warp-strike them from a distance to hopefully topple them and make them vulnerable. This may also break off the spikes of their armor for additional drops.


Skarns are calcium-bearing calc–silicate rocks.

The bulette is a heavily scaled carnivorous monster from Dungeons & Dragons. It is a huge ravenous creature that burrows through the earth and attacks unsuspecting victims from below.

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