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Skaetswys is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. A lieutenant of the Maelstrom, she plays a key role in the kobold beast-tribe quests.


Skaetswys is the officer in charge of investigating the theft of saltpeter from a Maelstrom convoy outside Swiftperch. The Warrior of Light is asked by Maelstrom command to assist her, and soon discover kobolds were the likely culprit due to a misshapen pickaxe left at the scene of the crime.

Speaking with Commander Bloeidin of Camp Overlook, a kobold under interrogation identifies the 789th order dig as the culprits. Investigating them results in them surrendering the stolen goods without a fight, and their "leader" Gi Gu explains they've largely been exiled due to not meeting quotas and being under pressure from the tyrannical fugleman Zo Ga. Skaetswys takes it upon herself to try to convince the indecisive kobold pickman to stand up for herself.



Skaetswys is a female sea wolf roegadyn with grey skin and shoulder-length blonde hair. She wears a Storm Sergeant's Bliaud with brown thigh-high leather boots.


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In the Roegadyn language, her name translates to "Shadow Sister."