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Six Dragons is a Dragon ability in Final Fantasy IX used by Freya that results in a random effect to each party member, ranging from HP and MP healing to HP and MP loss, for a cost of 28 MP.


Six Dragons is learned for 30 AP from the Heavy Lance, bought from Esto Gaza after the events in Desert Palace. If not bought before going through the Shimmering Island, the weapon can no longer be obtained and Freya misses Six Dragons.


Six Dragons results in 1 of 6 random outcomes to each ally:

Restore all HP (20%)
Restore all MP (20%)
Restore all HP and MP (10%)
Reduce HP to 1 (15%)
Reduce MP to 1 (15%)
Reduce HP and MP to 1 (20%)


Six Dragons is a gamble, and thus not useful unless as a last resort. However, even as a last resort using it takes 28 MP, meaning Freya would have had enough for Reis's Wind instead. If Zidane is in the party, he should just use Sacrifice before Freya needs to use Six Dragons.