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Siward Silverstring is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. He appeared during the archer questline.


Siward and the Faces of Mercy.

Siward was Keelty's childhood friend and together they became the strongest duo in the Gods' Quiver. Siward began to believe that he no longer needed a partner and decided to abandon his life in Gridania to become stronger and have his name remembered in history.[1]

Eventually he joined a group of assassins known as Faces of Mercy and was charged with murder in Ishgard. As an initiation rite into the gang, Siward was to kill everything from his old life that could be considered a weakness, including his best friend. Siward hunts Keelty in Twelveswood but before he can finish her, the adventurer appears and saves Keelty. After his defeat, Siward promises that he will return to finish the hunt and flees.[2]




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Siward was faced in archer quest "There Can Be Only One" in version 1.0.


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