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Junon Sister Ray FFVII Sketch

Artwork of the Sister Ray.

The Sister Ray (シスター・レイ, Shisutā Rei?), also known as the Mako Cannon (魔晄キャノン, Makō Kyanon?), is a huge weapon built by the Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII. Its power is originally run by Huge Materia from the Junon Underwater Reactor, though later it is moved to Midgar so that it can be powered by the city's Mako reserves. The cannon's blasts of energy are powerful enough to destroy entire cities or Weapons, and can cover massive ranges while retaining their strength.


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Sister Ray-Crisis Core

The Sister Ray in Crisis Core.

The cannon was originally installed in Junon. In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, it appears in a flashback as a virtual battle ground for Sephiroth, Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos. The battle is intense enough that most of the cannon is sliced off into the sea. However, it's just a simulation.


The Sister Ray at Junon Harbor.

In Final Fantasy VII the cannon can be seen as the party first travels through the city, but it is not used until after the emergence of Weapons following Sephiroth's summoning of Meteor. When Tifa and Barret are kidnapped by Shinra to be used as a scapegoat for the crisis the Planet is embroiled in, Tifa is thrown into a gas chamber to be executed. The plans are ruined when the Sapphire Weapon charges at Junon from the sea.

The first firing of the cannon is ineffective, and the Weapon's counter-attack blasts a hole in the fortress's armor. The Weapon charges a second blast, but the second firing of the cannon at point-blank range destroys it. Tifa escapes the gas chamber through the hole the Weapon blasted and runs onto the cannon's barrel. After a brief slap-fight with the Shinra executive Scarlet, Tifa escapes onto the Highwind.

Later when the party arrives in Junon to get the Huge Materia from the Underwater Reactor, the cannon has disappeared. Cloud takes note by stopping and mentioning that something is missing.


Sister Ray World Map

The Sister Ray in Midgar as seen on the World Map.

After the near-disaster in Junon, the cannon is moved to the capital city of Midgar, where its power is boosted by the Mako Reactors around the city. Specially designed to destroy the force field around Sephiroth's base in Northern Cave within the North Crater, President Rufus Shinra puts the hopes of the survival of the Planet—and his company—on the cannon. Scarlet dubs the modified cannon the "Sister Ray".

A second Weapon appears out of the ocean, the Diamond Weapon; it comes out of the seas below the Forgotten City and makes a beeline for Midgar. Despite the party's attempts to defeat it, the Weapon continues its advance towards Midgar. The Sister Ray is fired with such force that the windows of Shinra Headquarters shatter and parts of the cannon itself dislodge and fall to the ground. With one blast, the Sister Ray fatally wounds the weapon and destroys Sephiroth's barrier.

With Diamond Weapon's final attack destroying the top floors of the Shinra Building, with Rufus presumed dead, Midgar descends into chaos, with various Shinra factions fighting for control while Professor Hojo takes position at the Sister Ray's controls. Hojo's scheme is to fire the cannon one last time to give his son, Sephiroth, more power at the potential cost of Midgar from the system overload. The plan is foiled when Hojo is killed by Cloud's party.


Sister Ray Ruins

The Sister Ray's remains.

The Sister Ray is destroyed along with most of the Midgar in the cataclysm of Meteor falling on the city. Its ruins can be seen in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. In the opening movie of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, just before the destruction, Vincent Valentine spots Hojo at the controls of the cannon, thinking it to be just an illusion.

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Battle background.

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Battle background.

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The cannon may have been named after a song by The Velvet Underground, featured on their White Light/White Heat album.



Shinra Manager discussing the moving of the already-renamed Sister Ray while Tifa is leader

  • In the original English localization Scarlet says to Rufus But Mr. President, please do not call it a Mako cannon. This new weapon will be called...... The Sister Ray!. This is erroneous on two counts: Firstly in the localization Rufus never says "Mako cannon"—in the Japanese version he says "Mako cannon's shells" (魔晄キャノンの砲弾, Makō Kyanon no hōdan?) while in the English he just says "the shells". Secondly, while running down the cannon's barrel at Junon, the name "Sister Ray" has already been imprinted on it, and the Shinra Manager will tell the player he came to Junon to help transport the Sister Ray if one were to return immediately afterward. In the PC version Scarlet instead says "This new weapon is called" (which is closer to the Japanese), which allows the idea that the rebranding of the weapon and plan to move it/Rocket Plan occurred during the time Tifa was comatose.
  • When standing atop the cannon, the location name is displayed as "Canon".
  • The Sister Ray is listed as one of the possible answers for a question in the Brain Blast minigame in Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  • An early concept artwork (Tiny Bronco FFVII Sketch) for Tiny Bronco has the words Sister Ray painted on the plane.
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