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Irresistible songstress who beguiles eye and ear alike.


left‎ Siren is the name of a Rank II Water Flying Esper in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Its only attack, Kickline Dance, inflicts Stop and deals damage to one foe. The green Sirens are ally Yarhi, while the pink ones are enemy Yarhi.



Sirens are best to take into battles as an ambush team. Since they inflict Stop with each hit, it is always a good idea to bring several groups of them to pulverize Melee units susceptible to Stop. Having them in Filo's team so Filo can use Glide to increases their movement speed while Decoy for their temporary invulnerability will bring out their greatest strength in battle.

Sirens have average defensive stats, and their Stamina and Defense is lower than their Mind and Resistance. They have low movement and attack speed and are easily defeated by ranged enemies like Sagittarius. It is usually not a good idea to take Sirens to fight enemy leaders or Rank III Espers with lethal debuffs other than Poison.



Sirens are from Greek mythology. In the story of Odysseus, the Sirens are beautiful women who lure sailors with their voices. Odysseus escaped the Sirens by having all his sailors plug their ears with beeswax. He was curious as to what the Sirens sounded like, so he let himself be tied to the mast to ensure he could not fall victim to their voices.