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He's got a knife! Maybe it's for cooking?


Sir Tonberry is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought at night, during the Legend Wrapped in Enigma sidequest and in the Daurell Caverns maze.


A deviant lantern-bearer ensconced deep in Daurell Caverns. This daemonic subspecies carries the knife toted by most tonberries and wields it with the ferocity of a master.
Size: 3.21 ft. Weight: 162.2 lb.
A leader among tonberry knights wreaking devastation across Duscae, and one of the most dangerous daemons pound-for-pound. Caution is advised.
Size: 3.15 ft. Weight: 160.5 lb.





Sir Tonberries use both physical and magical attacks. Their knife attacks are physical, and they can release a magical black wisp from their lantern that is fire-elemental and capable of inflicting Burnt status. They are aggressive and attack fast.


The player should be on the defense and use parries and Techniques. The player can hold the defense button and replenish MP with items or point-warping when needed, or use a Magitek Booster item. The player can parry with the Sword of the Tall as royal arms' parries don't drain HP. When fighting multiple Sir Tonberries, Sword of the Tall will parry all of them with an area of effect attack, and using Prompto's Gravisphere Technique, the tonberries have nowhere to go and constantly give the player parries.

However, royal arms don't trigger link-strikes, which are another good way of damaging tonberries, especially the links that break the damage limit with Friendship Bands. Weapons that trigger link-strikes when wielded by Noctis are swords, greatswords and lances. Ignis's Enhancement and Overwhelm are also good, as is Armiger and Armiger Unleashed.

The player can poison the Sir Tonberries with Venomcast, and when using Blizzard-type magic, they can be inflicted with Frozen, although in Randolph's quest they take half damage from elements besides light.



  • Sir Tonberry's fighting style resembles Yoda's from Star Wars. They generate long blades of purple fire from the end of their knives, a possible reference to lightsabers. Their Japanese name is "tonberry knights" and the quest description also refers to them as such, possibly a nod toward Star Wars's Jedi Knights.
FFVIII Chef's Knife

Tonberry GF goes "Doink."

  • Defeating the tonberry knights yields the Chef's Knife key item, whose item description is: "Dropped by a knight of the tonberry round table, this knife has an uncommonly sharp edge. Unfortunately, no human can DOINK with it like a tonberry can." The "DOINK" part alludes to the Tonberry GF from Final Fantasy VIII.

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