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Sir Laguna's Page.

It was fate, I can't quite explain. This page is dedicated to Laguna. No, actually, I call him Sir Laguna. He is such a hunk! (At least that's what I think.) It seems Sir Laguna was writing articles in Timber Maniacs while traveling. I'll be posting some of Sir Laguna's articles here.

Welcoming Message

Sir Laguna's Page is a special interactive menu in Final Fantasy VIII accessed through Squall Leonhart's Study Panel at Balamb Garden second floor classroom, by selecting the "School Festival Committee" option.

It is an homage page created by Selphie Tilmitt dedicated to her hero Laguna Loire, or as she affectionately calls him, "Sir Laguna". Selphie initially meant to post the articles Laguna wrote in his travels as a journalist for Timber Maniacs, but instead posted her own reviews of Laguna's articles.

Possibly due to a programming oversight, reading the Timber Maniacs issue at Balamb Hotel yields no Sir Laguna's Page entries, and also makes the issue at Balamb Town Station disappear; thus, the player will miss out on an entry. The reverse is also true, as reading the issue at Balamb Town Station first makes the one at Balamb Hotel vanish; in this case, though, the player will not miss out on any entry. Picking up the issue at the hotel changes the scene where Laguna meets Julia in Galbadia Hotel, however.


Issue Location Review Image
Timber Maniacs 1 Found at the Balamb Station before Timber. Sir Laguna writes about the time he went to the editor of Timber Maniacs.
He brought an article entitled 'Alcohol Will Change You', but it got rejected.
I think Sir Laguna's a lightweight!
Timber Maniacs 1 from Sir Lagunas Page from FFVIII Remastered.png
Timber Maniacs 2 Found at the Timber Maniacs Office. Do you understand this picture?
Sir Laguna even wrote 'Esthar's Secret'.
But actually...... I know what it is!
This is where Sir Laguna went scouting.
Was it ok for this to be published?
I guess he really needed the money!
Timber Maniacs 3 Found at the Timber Hotel room. This is a hotel in Timber.
It's full of Galbadian soldiers.
You'll still find soldiers there, but this is a little too much, huh?
Yes, this is a picture of when Timber was occupied by Galbadia.
Sir Laguna tried to stay at this hotel, but it was used to house soldiers.
Why are these articles from that period?
That's because that was the period when Laguna actually wrote the articles.
So, all the magazines with Laguna's articles are all old and worn out.
I wonder how old Sir Laguna is now?
I betcha he's a dandy old guy!
Timber Maniacs 4 Found at the Fishermans Horizon Greasy Monkey's room. According to Sir Laguna, he ended up here when he got lost on the Esthar continent.
I hope Sir Laguna was all right......
But what breathtaking scenery!
I wanna go, too!
I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go!
Timber Maniacs 5 Found at the Fishermans Horizon Hotel. You all know this place!
Yes, it's the hotel in Balamb!
So Sir Laguna went to Balamb, too.
Looks like Sir Laguna likes hotels.
The article says he really wanted to stay at the hotel but ran out of money.
He wasn't able to try the famous Balamb fish.
Timber Maniacs 6 Found at the Trabia Garden. This is amazing!
Sir Laguna's with the Shumi Tribe!
The article says he got lost and injured, but thankfully ended up here.
Seems like Laguna gets lost a lot.
But he always repays an act of kindness.
By the way, the master here is a Shumi.
I heard all about it from Squall.
Shumi Tribe..... I wanna meet them!
Extra entry Written after entering the Centra Ruins. This is something extra.
It's the entrance to the Centra ruins.
You see me in the picture?
There's a statue of a sorceress and knight.
It's kinda nice.
Although there are tons of monsters!
Timber Maniacs 7 Found at the Dollet Hotel room. In one of Sir Laguna's articles, he wrote about how he tried to get to Esthar.
He tried many different routes, but he eventually ended up in Dollet.
There's no way he can make it from Dollet.
You sure travel a lot, Sir Laguna!
Timber Maniacs 8 Found at the Dollet pub. According to the article, Sir Laguna gambled to try to cover travel expenses.
But he lost it all and told how dangerous gambling can be.
I guess he got in a little over his head.
Timber Maniacs 9 Found at the Shumi Village Artisan's house. Wow!
Sir Laguna's in a movie!
Plus, it looks like it was shot near Trabia!
He could've been famous!
Oh.......but I betcha he can't act........
He speaks way too highly of himself in the article.
I just find it strange that I don't see Ward in the picture......
Timber Maniacs 10 Found at Edea's Orphanage. Well looky here......
He writes proudly of it in the article.
A pub, somewhere, plus the owner.
No name or location is written down.
But actually, I know where it is.
I won't say though, out of respect for Sir Laguna.
But if it's that important, he shouldn't have published it in a magazine.
But I guess it's something special.
Timber Maniacs 11 Found at the White SeeD Ship. Sir Laguna, finally in FH.! This is where he finally made it to Esthar.
So it's true that you get there from FH.
By that time, there were no more trains.
So Sir Laguna walked it.
I wonder what the trains were like, here?
It says, this is Laguna in high-spirits after finding out he had to walk there......!
Timber Maniacs 12 Found at the Galbadia Hotel room in Deling City. H-Heeey!? According to the article, this is Esthar.
I'm very happy Sir Laguna made it to Esthar but......
Is this real....?
This city is soooo cool!
But I hear now, there's nothing on the continent where Esthar is......

Behind the scenes[]

There may be a programming oversight related to the Balamb Town Timber Maniacs issues. The issue at the train station yields an entry to Selphie's Sir Laguna's Page where Laguna's alcohol-related article got rejected. Picking up the magazine at the hotel gives no Sir Laguna's Page entries, but changes the following Laguna dream so that Laguna passes out from drinking wine. It may be that the train station issue was the one intended to make Laguna unable to handle alcohol, and the hotel issue the one to yield the entry about Laguna visiting Balamb Hotel, as Laguna can drink alcohol fine even if the player gets the article where he writes about it, and it would make sense for the Balamb Hotel to keep an old Timber Maniacs issue where their establishment is mentioned.

Even though Selphie writes that it is weird that she does not see Ward in the picture for Timber Maniacs 9 issue, he is in the picture on the left, half cut-off. If the player picked up this Timber Maniacs issue before the Laguna dream at Vienne Mountains, Ward will not be playable in it.