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Sinscale is the first enemy encountered in Final Fantasy X. It is a fiend that falls off Sin's shell, yet retains autonomy. Sinscale is a basic enemy that fights with only a simple physical attack, but may sometimes charge up, and on its next turn unleash an ability called Spines. One or two physical attacks should be enough to take it down.


Sinscale (Enemy)

Sinscale (Boss 1)

Sinscale (Boss 2)


First encounterEdit

When Sin attacks Dream Zanarkand, Tidus and Auron attempt to reach Sin by fighting off a horde of green Sinscales.

Second encounterEdit

Launched from Sin's body. They unleash Spines once their wings flicker, so dispatch them quickly.

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The second incarnation of the Sinscale is encountered when Sin attacks the boat S.S. Liki near the beginning of the game. The only difference between this variety of Sinscale and the type found in Zanarkand at the start of the game is higher HP, Strength, and Agility levels, as well as having a blue color scheme with violet eyes. This variety also drops items and can be stolen from (unlike the first incarnation).

Notably, if one can kill them in one hit, they are an excellent source of AP and Power Spheres early on in the game, and with patience, the player can obtain the Overdrive Modes Warrior and Slayer for Tidus, Wakka and Kimahri. For this, Tidus should use Cheer a few times until the party can kill them in one hit.

Third encounterEdit

Disappears after each attack, but more keep coming with no end in sight.

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The final incarnation of the Sinscale encountered in Final Fantasy X is only encountered in the battle with Sinspawn Echuilles underneath the S.S. Liki. Tactics remain the same as with other Sinscales, but only Tidus and Wakka participate in this battle. Sinscales remain in their closed scale form and flex their bodies to swim. Swimming Sinscales can only perform an elementary tackle attack that also ejects them from battle.

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Sinscale
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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Green and blue Sinscales appear as enemies in Final Fantasy X pictures.

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