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The Singularity is the final field map in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is explored primarily by Cloud Strife, though Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, and Aerith Gainsborough join the party at various points.

The map is visited primarily in the final quest, "The Turning Point", at the end of chapter 18, "Destiny's Crossroads". The map is explored almost entirely during combat mode, as a gauntlet of boss battles are fought.


The description to "The Turning Point" describes the Singularity as "the world beyond" and a vision by Sephiroth of the planet seven seconds before its demise.[1] The Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania describes the party's experiences in this space as the world of lifestream as represented by Aerith, versus the world of Meteor as represented by Sephiroth.[2]

The party enters "the world beyond" through a portal Sephiroth made. At first, the portal was dark, but Aerith made it glow white with her powers before the party stepped through it. At first the world beyond the portal looks identical to the world they just departed, but then the Whispers arrive and tear the landscape asunder, the a colossal Weapon-like Whisper that seems to be controlling all the others at the epicenter. Afterward, Cloud and party face off against Sephiroth. At the conclusion of their battle, Sephiroth takes Cloud to a barren waste against a starry void, calling it the "edge of creation" that their planet will become a part of.

The Singularity is characterized by the wreckage of destroyed Midgar. However, after the party's foray into the world of Singularity, they return to what appears to be the normal world with Midgar still intact. The effect of the party having felled the Whispers in the Singularity seems to have retroactively altered the real world, with Zack's Final Stand ending with Zack's survival and Stamp having a different design for when Zack glimpses a poster of the mascot. Stamp in Zacks battle with the Shinra from FFVII Remake


The Singularity is a mostly linear area over flying rubble and debris, leading Cloud from one battle arena to the next. Between fights, Cloud often has to jump over debris and platforms to progress, as the paths are typically narrow aside from the debris.

Because the entire quest takes place only in combat mode, the map can never be viewed.


The Singularity is visited entirely for "The Turning Point", a long quest that effectively serves as a gauntlet of bosses. Tifa, Barret, and Aerith periodically join and leave the party throughout the battles against Whisper Croceo, Whisper Rubrum, Whisper Viridi, and Whisper Harbinger. In the final battle against Sephiroth, any of the characters may join the party. Therefore, it is best to set up the party's materia so it works on all four characters.

Behind the scenes[]

Sephiroth and Cloud's final confrontation.

Cloud's final confrontation against Sephiroth is on a barren field against the background of a starry sky, in a place Sephiroth calls "the edge of creation". This is intended to represent the theme(s) of the entirety of Final Fantasy VII.[3] In the Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania Plus, Co-director Motomu Toriyama describes this realm the edge of space and time where time stands still; if time were to resume, the world would end in seven seconds unless the course can be changed. Sephiroth tells Cloud it is up to him to avoid this future.[4]



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