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Raise the party's attributes until the end of battle.

In-Game "Help" Description.

Sing (うた, Uta?, lit. Song) is a command skillset of the Songstress dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2. The songs increase the player party's stats. While singing an upward swirl of lights and ascending musical notes appear. Sing cannot be accessed outside of the Songstress dressphere because of the animations used.

Using any of the top four songs will bestow the respective Stat +1 status on the party, and this can be stacked up to 10 times for Stat +10. Perfect Pitch and Matador's Song on the other hand give Accuracy +10 or Evasion +10 with a single use and cannot be stacked further.

List of Sing abilities[]

Name AP MP Description Prerequisite Image
Battle Cry 10 4 Raise the party's Strength. None FFX-2 Battle Cry.png
Cantus Firmus
(Defense Song (Name in Japanese: ディフェンスソング?))
10 4 Raise the party's Defense. Battle Cry FFX-2 Cantus Firmus.PNG
Esoteric Melody
(Melody of Mystery (Name in Japanese: 神秘のメロディ?))
10 4 Raise the party's Magic. None FFX-2 Esoteric Melody.png
Disenchant 10 4 Raise the party's Magic Defense. Esoteric Melody FFX-2 Disenchant.PNG
Perfect Pitch
(Focus Chant (Name in Japanese: フォーカスチャント?))
10 4 Raise the party's Accuracy. None FFX-2 Perfect Pitch.png
Matador's Song 10 4 Raise the party's Evasion. Perfect Pitch FFX-2 Matador's Song.PNG