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FFV Singing

Krile singing.

Perform magical chants with different effects.


FFV Sing Icon iOS Sing (うたう, Utau?) is the level 3 ability of the Bard job class, as well as their default Job skillset. It is learned for 100 ABP. It is disabled if the user is silenced.

The Bard has a host of songs. Some songs can only obtained in the first or second world. While the effects of some songs are instantaneous, other songs are ongoing, meaning the Bard will continue to sing until s/he is hit by an attack, killed, or silenced, though in most cases the song's effect will remain even after the Bard stops singing.

With the stat-raising songs, the singer keeps singing while the party members' stats gradually increase to 99, and the singer cannot do any other actions. Taking damage or being silenced stops the song, but characters inflicted with the Zombie status still continue to sing. The other songs work instantaneously.

List of songsEdit

Song Description Image
Sinewy Etude
Raises party's Strength.
Find: Crescent in Merged World
FFV Sinewy Etude
Increases party's strength while being performed.
Swift Song
Raises party's Speed.
Find: Castle Surgate (King's Chamber)
FFV Swift Song
Increases party's speed while being performed.
Mighty March
(Str. Song)
Casts Regen on party.
Find: Crescent (Minstrel's House)
FFV Mighty March
Casts Regen on all party members.
Mana's Paean
(MP Song)
Raises party's Magic.
Find: Library of the Ancients (top floor) in Merged World
FFV Mana's Paean
Boosts party's magic while being performed.
Hero's Rime
(LVL Song)
Raises party's level to a maximum of 99.
Find: Crescent (Minstrel's House; after playing every piano)
FFV Hero's Rime
Increases all stats while being performed.
Requiem Damages undead.
Find: Quelb
Requiem FFV
Damages undead.
Romeo's Ballad
(Love Song)
Stops enemies for a few turns.
Find: Istory
FFV Romeo's Ballad
Stops all enemies for a moment.
Alluring Air
Inflicts Confuse on all enemies.
Find: Lix
FFV Alluring Air
Confuses all enemies.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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