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Sincere Strength is a time-limited event where Cinque from Final Fantasy Type-0 can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.


Story CutscenesEdit

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Come In!:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • ???: Hellooo? Come in, Class Zero! Anyone?
  • ???: That's weird... My COMM isn't working. Maybe something's interfering with the signal...
  • ???: Where did everyone go? If I can still remember them, that means they're at least alive.
  • ???: Oh?

(Cinque turns around to find a trio of Magitek Armor)

  • ???: Magitek armor? But I don't recognize this type. Must be new!
  • ???: ...But I don't have time to play with you now. I've got to find the others first!
  • ???: Helloooooo! Ace? King!?

(Cinque defeats the MA that approaches her)

  • ???: Someone? Anyone? Answer me!

(Cinque defeats a second MA as another arrives)

  • ???: Ohhh, how annoying! Stop interfering with my signal!

(Cinque defeats a third MA but another takes its place)

  • ???: Now I'm angry! I'll beat you black and blue!

  • Steiner: ...A COMM? What's that?
  • King: A "Crystal Oriented Messaging Medium."
  • Cater: It's a communication device... But I guess that doesn't help much. It's basically a magical item.
  • Cater: You can use the COMM to talk to your comrades, even if they're far away.
  • Maria: How convenient!
  • Steiner: Being able to talk to distant comrades... What a mysterious device.
  • King: Unfortunately, we can't use it here.
  • Maria: That's a pity...
  • ???: Ahaha! Wait, waaait! We're having so much fun!

(The party notices the ground shake)

  • Steiner: Wh-what was that? Is someone fighting around here!?
  • Maria: That girl over there! Let's go!

(Steiner and Maria run off)

  • Cater: That laugh... It's got to be her.
Blithesome Cinquey:
  • ???: Upsy-daisy! Now crumble!

(Cinque defeats another MA as the rest of the party arrives)

  • Cait Sith: Look, over there! Someone's destroying the magitek armor!
  • Freya: Someone from another world... From the looks of her uniform, she must be one of Ace's schoolmates.
  • Cait Sith: How impressive. She's swinging that heavy weapon around like it's nothing.
  • Ashe: Just what kind of magic is she wielding...?
  • ???: ...Hmm? Well, lookie here! People in weird clothing spotted!

(Cinque approaches the party)

  • ???: Are you their reinforcements? You must be!
  • Ashe: H-hold it! Don't jump to conclusions!
  • Cait Sith: We're not your enemies! We just wanna talk.
  • Ace: Cinque!

(Ace and Seven arrive)

  • Cinque: Ace! Seven!
  • Cinque: I'm so happy to see you! How've you been?
  • Freya: She's not bothered at all...

  • Seven: ...And that's the current situation. Did you get that, Cinque?
  • Cinque: Yup! This is not Orience. And we've got a lot of new friends!
  • Cinque: Oh, sorry about earlier! I made a big mistake.
  • Ashe: You decided we were enemies, even though we'd just met...
  • Cinque: I said I'm sorry. It wasn't on purpose.
  • Ashe: Could you say it like you mean it...?
  • Freya: She does not seem to feel any remorse, either...
  • Ace: Sorry, you two. Cinque is just this kind of person.
  • Cait Sith: It's water under the bridge now.
  • Cait Sith: Shouldn't you take it easy, Ashe?
  • Ashe: ...You're right. People like her won't listen no matter what you say anyway.
  • Freya: However...even after finding out she was in a different world, she did not show the slightest hint of surprise.
  • Cinque: Hmm? I may not look it, but I swear I'm super shocked!
  • Cinque: But I guess I'm just a lot happier to see my classmates!
  • Cait Sith: A beautiful friendship, indeed! I'm almost jealous.
  • Freya: They are very reliable allies.
  • Cinque: Of course! We're Class Zero, the cream of the crop!
  • Cinque: And wherever Ace and the others go, Cinque will go too!
  • Ashe: Can we really rely on her in a fight...?
  • Seven: Don't worry about it. You'll see what she's capable of soon enough.
Student Vibes:
  • Cinque: I love this new world! Every day is better than the last!
  • Eiko: You look really happy! How come you like this place so much?
  • Cinque: Well, I can do whatever I want with my time now! I don't have any classes or tests here!
  • Zell: Aw, man, I know how you feel, Cinque!
  • Raijin: Same here, ya know!
  • Zell: Sitting in class all day at Balamb was such a bore...
  • Raijin: But in this world, we don't have to study! There's no homework, ya know!
  • Cinque: That's right! No reports to turn in, either!
  • Eiko: Huh? Being a student sounds awful.
  • Cinque: You don't go to school, Eiko?
  • Eiko: I didn't even know what a school was until coming here. I grew up with moogles.
  • Eiko: That's why I'm so jealous of everyone! You can make lots of friends at school, right?
  • Cinque: That's right!
  • Raijin: If I hadn't attended garden, I would've never met Seifer or Fujin, ya know?
  • Zell: You can get a lot more than knowledge at school.
  • Quistis: Excuse me, boys and girls!

(Quistis and Serah arrive)

  • Quistis: How long do you intend to keep us waiting?
  • Serah: Being punctual for a group gathering is important. Try to be more considerate of other people's time.
  • Cinque: Yes, maaa'am. We're sorry.

(Quistis and Serah leave)

  • Quistis: I wonder if she really means that...
  • Serah: Agreed. The children I can understand. I wish the older ones would be on time, though...
  • Zell: ...Yup. That brings back memories.
  • Raijin: Even outta school, I guess teachers can still get mad at us, ya know...
  • Eiko: I see... So this is what it feels like to be a student.
  • Eiko: I'll work hard to be the best student ever!
  • Cinque: Yeah! And with some practice, you can sneak out of all your classes like a pro!
  • Eiko: Oooh! So you didn't mean it!
Spoilers end here.

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