The sin eaters are beings in Final Fantasy XIV. Like the voidsent are those consumed in primordial darkness, the sin eaters are living beings consumed in primordial light, with a majority appearing more angelic when compared to their voidsent counterparts. While the voidsent retain their sense of self with their vices magnified, the sin eaters are usually mindless monsters who act on instinct to kill others for aether or to convert them. Sin eaters exist due the aetheric harmony of living creatures being shattered by an excess of Light aether, altering their natural forms and turning them into monstrosities without sentience that act on instinct.

Story[edit | edit source]

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The first sin eater to appear on the First was Eden, a being of pure light whose power to shift the balance of aether in an area caused the Flood of Light. Minfilia Warde sacrificed herself to cease it from consuming Norvrandt by placing Eden in a deep sleep within a region of the global wasteland known as the Empty.

The sin eaters created from those consumed in the Flood invaded Norvrandt while the stronger ones sired new sin eaters from their victims by planting seeds of Light and corrupting the aether of their bodies. Eventually, the most powerful sin eaters—dubbed Lightwardens by the locals—emerged, acting as the most powerful class of sin eater, existing in a small number and radiating aether to saturate every corner of their territory with Light. Lesser sin eaters are drawn to serve them and dissipate once a Lightwarden is killed. However, once killed the essence of a Lightwarden transfers to the nearest living creature, ensuring their revival and rebirth from temporary death by making their host a new replacement Lightwarden.

Due to the Flood of Light, the sin eaters took foothold in Norvrandt's regions as the Lightwardens placed the land in perpetual light. Sin eaters reconstitute themselves after their aether disbursts upon defeat. The sin eaters engaged in combat with the locals for years, slowly assimilating the populace and purging continents of sentient life.

The city of Eulmore and the reincarnations of Minfilia, who is revered as the Oracle of Light, battled the sin eaters until Emet-Selch manipulated Vauthry to be made into a Lightwarden. When the Scions of the Seventh Dawn were brought to the First, Thancred Waters became a sin eater hunter and took the current incarnation of Minfilia as an apprentice.

Following the Warrior of Light's arrival to the First and learning of the sin eater threat, they resolve to combat the corrupted beings and slay the Lightwardens. With their Blessing of Light from Hydaelyn, the Warrior of Light can contain the aether of the slain Lightwardens, allowing night to return and forcing the lesser sin eaters to retreat en masse. Now assuming the moniker of "Warrior of Darkness," the Scions traverse the regions of Norvrandt and slay each Lightwarden, rekindling hope to the masses and bringing back the dark.

Vauthry takes offense to this campaign as his power is tied to his control over the sin eaters, but his forces cannot stop the Warriors of Darkness. With the final Lightwarden being revealed to be Vauthry himself, the Warriors of Darkness free the citizens of Eulmore and force Vauthry to flee to Mt. Gulg. Uniting the people's of Norvrandt, the Scions ascend Mt. Gulg and slay the final Lightwarden, Vauthry's true form of Innocence.

After absorbing his Light aether, the Warrior of Darkness discovers that they cannot contain the full amount of Light, threatening to turn into a powerful sin eater themselves. The Scions forestall the change, allowing them to later confront Emet-Selch himself. Just when the Warrior of Darkness is about to be fully corrupted by the Light, their soul merges with their counterpart from the First, Ardbert, stabilizing them and restoring their aether.

After Emet-Selch and the Lightwardens of Norvrandt are vanquished, Thancred and Ryne travel through the Empty in search of more Lightwardens to restore the First. Ryne finds the vessel were Eden was placed, and using its aether, slowly restores balance to the land's aether.

Ever since, the sin eaters have been in decline in Norvrandt but stragglers remain that local forces continue to combat them.

Notable sin eaters[edit | edit source]

  • Forgiven Contrition
  • Forgiven Hypocrisy
  • Forgiven Obscenity
  • Forgiven Ignorance
  • Forgiven Folly
  • Forgiven Ambition
  • Forgiven Deceit
  • Forgiven Cowardice
  • Forgiven Disobedience
  • Forgiven Conceit
  • Forgiven Cruelty
  • Forgiven Extortion
  • Forgiven Prejudice
  • Forgiven Conformity
  • Forgiven Whimsy
  • Forgiven Revelry
  • Forgiven Venery
  • Forgiven Pedantry
  • Forgiven Gossip
  • Forgiven Rebellion
  • Tesleen, the Forgiven

Eden[edit | edit source]

  • Eden Prime

Lightwardens[edit | edit source]

Innocence (Vauthry) is the only sin eater to possess actual intelligence and sentience, apparently the result of his hybrid nature and pre-birth exposure to the previous Lightwarden's essence.

Cardinal Virtues[edit | edit source]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

When creating the sin eaters, Naoki Yoshida and Banri Oda decided they did not want to draw upon on angelic or heavenly motifs. The name came from the idea of man's sin becoming too great and causing the world's destruction. Sin eaters exist to consume and eat, and in a sense take those sins away.[1]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

The lesser sin eaters are usually named after sins, vices, and other negative character traits for which they've supposedly been forgiven. With the exception of Innocence and Titania, the Lightwardens take their names from The Four Loves.

The attacks used by the Lightwardens and other great sin-eaters often draw their names from historical torture devices and methods, such as "The Tickler" and "Brazen Bull."
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