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A Mithran Tracker hunts sin. It is our duty to seek out crimes and dole out punishment.

Shikaree Z

The Sin Hunters (also known as Mithran Trackers or Shikaree Sisters) are an assortment of Mithra hunters from Olzhirya charged with enforcing Mithran law.

In the Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia, three sin hunters perpetually track the Wyrmking Bahamut.



Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia[]

The Shikaree Sisters.

Shikaree X pursues Cardinal Mildaurion in Chains of Promathia alongside her sisters. Her job of choice is Beastmaster. When her sister, Shikaree Z, decides to get involved in the struggle against Promathia, she does her share by trying to pacify Bahamut's minions.

Shikaree Y pursues Cardinal Mildaurion in Chains of Promathia. Her job of choice is Dark Knight. She takes it upon herself to find out how to gain the support of the Avatars, and discovers information about the Dark Divinity which cursed the Northlands and was responsible for Raogrimm's transformation into the Shadow Lord. The Dark Divinity is revealed to be Odin.

Finally, Shikaree Z, the oldest of the sisters. Her job of choice is Dragoon. Curious to know the truth of the matter, she decides to join Prishe in her battle against Promathia, and comes to question her beliefs as she witnesses herself that crime Mildaurion was committed is to prevent an even greater disaster.

In the end, she is not certain anymore of what constitutes a sin and therefore chooses to retire from the Sin Hunters. Of the three sisters, she's the only one who reveals her name: Mhag, and requesting to the player so when they finally meet again, the player will calls her by name.

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess[]

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A Shikaree, in India, is a native hunter who serves as a guide.


  • The Shikaree Sisters X, Y, and Z are a reference to the Magus Sisters as they wield the same respective weapons and perform a variant of the Delta Attack.
  • The Japanese name of one of the quests involving the sisters is (メーガスの名は永遠に, The Name of Magus Forever?) hinting further their relationship with the Magus Sisters.
  • Another reference to the Magus Sisters is Shikaree Z's real name, Mhag. The Japanese name of the spear-wielding Magus Sister Cindy is Mag.