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The Simha is a sword in Final Fantasy XII. It is the upgraded Durandal added to the Zodiac versions, obtained from the bazaar's Well-forged Blade set.


To make it at the bazaar, the player must sell three Lifewicks, four Ring Wyrm Scales and a Leshach Halcyon. It costs 80,000 gil. Lifewicks are obtained from Necrofiend and Evil Spirit. Ring Wyrm Scales are obtained from Shield Wyrm and Lindwyrm. Leshach Halcyons are obtained from Leshach Entites.

It is also rarely stolen from Rikken in Trial Mode Stage 86.


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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Siṃha is a solar month in the traditional Indian calendars, and a sign in Indian astrology corresponding to Leo. The newly-added ultimate weapons n the Zodiac versions are named after the Hindu calendar, while in the Japanese version the weapon names are the same as their base weapon but ending with a latin letter, which, when combined, spell out "FINAL FANTASY".