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The Silver Lobo is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Its Virulent Breath damages and poisons the party. Due to its poor defenses, Serah and Noel can easily defeat it by using an offensive paradigm.


Paradigm PackEdit

Monster statsEdit


Ability Level Type Infuse
Imperil Initial Command N
Improved Debilitation 3 Passive N
Strength: +10% 4 Passive Y
Curse 21 Command N
Strength: +16% 25 Passive Y
Deprotect II 36 Command N
Strength: +20% 37 Passive Y
Improved Debilitation II 38 Passive N
Fog 40 Command N
Strength: +25% 43 Passive Y
Heavy Poisonga 45 Command N


Lobo means "wolf" in Portuguese, Galician, and Spanish.

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