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Silvairre, known as the Virtuous is non-player character in Final Fantasy XIV, he appears in the Archer quest line. Once a former member of the God's Quiver, currently he is a member of the archer's guild.


Silvairre shows contempt for the Warrior of Light joining the Archers' Guild and is instructed to train them. After the Warrior of Light has completed the tasks, Silvairre grudgingly accepts to stop agitating for the expulsion of the Warrior of Light from the Guild.

Buscarron Stacks asks the Archers' Guild to investigate a gang of poachers, whom he believes are led by the famous Pawah Mujuuk. The Warrior of Light, Leih Aliapoh and Silvairre investigate the region and end up ambushed by Pawah Mujuuk and his gang of hunters. The party is victorious but Pawah flees after defeating Leih in a direct confrontation.

Silvairre is determined to bring Pawah Mujuuk to justice even if it costs his position in the guild. Silvairre discovers Pawah Mujuuk's whereabouts and tries to arrest her alone. Leih asks Silvairre to stay in the Guild and together they attract and capture Pawah.




Silvairre's primary personality traits highlighted over the course of the archer storyline is that he is racist, both against the Warrior of Light and more primarily Leih.

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Silvairre the Virtuous is an ally npc during the Archer quests level 20 To Catch a Poacher To Catch a Poacher and level 30 The One That Got Away The One That Got Away.