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The Silicon Tortoise is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII. It appears on the Giza Plains in the Tracks of the Beast area, which is accessible during the wet season, and also in the Drybeam Cavern and Halls of Ardent Darkness sections of the Zertinan Caverns, accessible from the Ozmone Plain. It commonly drops Aged Turtle Shells, which are worth over 1,000 gil a piece.

Bestiary entry

Page 1: Observations

Being a variety of giant tortoise spending its infant stage quietly beneath soil, only to emerge upon maturity. It is a quality of the giant tortoises that, depending on how deep down in the earth their youth was spent, the composition of their shell, and thus the particular species to which they belong, comes to differ. Of their ilk, the silicon tortoise has spent its youth in the deepest of tenable places, being born with a thick layer of fat inside its shell so as to sustain its growth without the need to eat.


Page 2: Talk About Town

Armor, once sundered, requires Repair, and that costing more dearly when such is of High Quality. Why? Fool! You must use Materials of like Strength lest all Assays at Repair be entered into vainly. Nor is the Procurement of such a mean Task. Stories abound of hale Warriors venturing forth to obtain Shells tough as Iron and ne'er returning, having run afoul of said Shell's Occupant.

Kana, White Mage


A: Lv. 36-37

B: Lv. 37-38

AI script

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It moves around slowly. It is more likely to use magick when the party is further away, but uses Flash to blind them when the party is close. It uses Flatten, a physical attack, to deal area damage in its vicinity. If afflicted with ailments it will heal itself. It uses Meditate when low on MP and when its target is so far away it can't attack them. It attacks the party member with the highest enmity, and thus may target healers unless there is someone else with Lure in the party. It does not leave its patrol area.


An easy way to defeat the Silicon Tortoise at lower levels is to obtain a gun with an Attack power of 30 or higher, and some Wyrmfire Shot. The player should inflict the Oil status on the tortoise and have the character equipped with the aforementioned ammo. The player should be able to take 6,000+ hit points per shot. If this person is berserked, they can reach the damage cap per shot (original version) if they are around level 20.

Other appearances

Pictlogica Final Fantasy

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  • The Original Japanese Guidebook cites the Silicon Tortoises' MP as being 3075 - 3105, but subsequent guides list it as 999.

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