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FFT0 Silent Key Inside

The Silent Key.

FFT0 Silent Key

The entrance to the Silent Key on the world map.

My informants told me of a cave situated in the farthest reaches of the empire's southern frontier. Buried therein is an incredible device unlike any Orience has ever seen. What that 'device' might be, however, remains a mystery.

Dominion Tribune in Corsi

The Silent Key (サイレントヤード, Sairento Yādo?, lit. Silent Yard) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Type-0. This is where the player can obtain the airship Setzer. Records tell that Lord Satori, a l'Cie, attempted to restore a "stealer of souls sleeping in the Silent Key" 450 years ago.

The Silent Key cannot be accessed after activating the Setzer. As the Setzer carries over to the New Game Plus playthrough, the Silent Key is inaccessible during any playthrough in which the Setzer is available.

Quests Edit

Sakuya (Bazz) rewards the cadets with an Growth Egg for completing the task Rumble in the Ruins. The Dominion of Rubrum made a discovery in Silent Key and found the ruins of an ancient civilization with teknology that far surpassed anything the dominion had ever created. The recon team the dominion deployed was dispatched by the iron giants guarding the ruins. Not wanting to let the investigation go unfinished, a dominion quaestor tasks Class Zero with eliminating the iron giants.

Items Edit

The items spawning on the ground of the dynamo rooms differ on each playthrough.

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Enemies Edit

Enemy Level: 44

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  • Silent Key is the only dungeon with a relic terminal at the very beginning.
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