FFXI wiki icon Sih Gates is a dungeon area in Final Fantasy XI.

Location Edit

The Gates are famous as home to all types of grisly foes around its large rocks and within its limestone caves. The roots of the gigantic arbors found in the hunting and battlegrounds protrude from the rocks, choking what remains of the treaded paths and preventing easy passage. Many species of fungi line the walls and floor of the caves, but they are not fit for consumption, and as such can provide little succor. The population of the vile Acuex within has been multiplying, and with pioneers forced to fight in such close quarters, antitoxins are a must for survival.

Landmarks Edit

Connected Areas Edit

Enemies Edit

  • Bloated Acuex
  • Bonaria
  • Burrowing Chapuli
  • Craklaw
  • Echo Bats
  • Ferocious Funguar
  • Fulvous Jagil
  • Javelin Wasp
  • Loathsome Leech
  • Loathsome Obdella
  • Malodorous Twitherym
  • Speleothem Gefryst*(spawned during weather / water)
  • Speleothem Ungeweder*(spawned during weather / wind)

Notorious Monsters Edit

  • Fomor Pioneer*(spawned during quest / Scaredy-Cats)

Reive Enemies Edit

  • Cthonic Chapuli
  • Fetid Twitherym
  • Knotted Root
  • Mighty Craklaw
  • Somber Obdella

Music Edit

No music plays in Sih Gates. For normal battles, the track "Steel Sings, Blades Dance" is used, whereas "Breaking Ground" is played during Colonization Reives.

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