FFXI wiki icon FFXI Signet Status A Signet is a special type of status effect from Final Fantasy XI. They are mutually exclusive, though this is not a disadvantage since there is no overlap in their use. It also does not go away, as all other status effects aside from Dedication, upon the player being KO'd. It only benefits players on the original campaign map.

Vanadiel map

The labeled campaign map.

Having a signet will show that the player is participating in their country's Conquest. While they has this effect, a portion of their experience is automatically transferred into Conquest Points in areas subject to conquest. Conquest points can be exchanged for items and equipment as a sort of reward for their efforts. Furthermore, having an appropriate signet-type effect is a requirement for monsters to drop crystals when defeated.

A Signet is given the gate guards of the player's country, one representative in each of the opposing cities' embassies, and by all Ducal guards in Jeuno. The signet lasts a number of hours equal to the player's rank plus the nation's position in conquest the previous week—one hour for 1st place, two for second, and three for third. There are 10 ranks and 3 positions in conquest so a signet can last anywhere between 2 and 13 hours.

Conquest points can only be gained in areas subject to conquest, that being the main portion of Vana'diel in the 'present time' in game, all zones that were created before Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess. In game terms, this is the "middle lands."


While in a Conquest region with the Signet effect active, the following will occur:

  • Defeating an enemy that grants experience points (Easy Prey or higher), will earn Conquest Points amounting to 10-20% of the experience points received, depending on the region modifier.
  • Earning experience points by defeating enemies will increase the nation of allegiance's conquest standing in the region.
  • When defeating an enemy that grants experience points, there is a chance that an elemental crystal will drop. When in a party with other members who also have Signet active, there is a chance that additional crystals can drop.
    • Crystals will not drop from enemies in a region that is under Beastmen control.


The following bonuses are available with the Signet effect:

  • Increased Healing HP.
  • No TP loss while resting.
  • Bonus experience earned in smaller parties.
  • Increased defense and evasion against attacks from the players' auto-attack target (Even Match or weaker).
  • MP Regeneration while under 50% of total MP.

Conquest Point itemsEdit

Items that are available only during 1st or 2nd Conquest Ranking are indicated with a 1st or 1st, 2nd next to their name.

Any rank itemsEdit

The following are available from all Conquest Overseers.

Required rank Cost Equipment
Any Rank 7 CP Instant Reraise
10 CP Instant Warp
2500 CP Return Ring
9000 CP Homing Ring
500 CP Chariot Band
1000 CP Empress Band
2000 CP Emperor Band
5000 CP Warp Ring
1000 CP Cipher: Tenzen
(Only available during Alter Ego Extravaganza)
1000 CP Cipher: Kukki
(Only available during Alter Ego Extravaganza)

Bastokian itemsEdit

Rank Requirement Cost Items
Rank 1 1000 CP Legionnaire's Scythe (1st)
Legionnaire's Staff (1st, 2nd)
Legionnaire's Knuckles
Legionnaire's Axe
Legionnaire's Crossbow
Legionnaire's Cap
Legionnaire's Mittens
Legionnaire's Leggings
Rank 2 2000 CP Decurion's Shield (1st)
Decurion's Dagger (1st, 2nd)
Decurion's Hammer
Legionnaire's Harness
Legionnaire's Subligar
Rank 3 4000 CP Legionnaire's Circlet (1st)
Bastokan Ring (1st)
Centurion's Sword (1st, 2nd)
Centurion's Axe
Centurion's Visor
Centurion's Scale Mail
Centurion's Finger Gauntlets
Centurion's Cuisses
Centurion's Greaves
Republican Bronze Medal
Rank 4 8000 CP Junior Musketeer's Chakram (1st)
Iron Musketeer's Gambison (1st, 2nd)
Junior Musketeer's Tuck
Iron Musketeer's Armet
Iron Musketeer's Gauntlets
Iron Musketeer's Sabatons
Rank 5 16000 CP Musketeer Gun (1st)
Musketeer's Pole (1st, 2nd)
Musketeer's Sword
Iron Musketeer's Cuirass
Iron Musketeer's Cuisses
Republican Iron Medal
Rank 6 24000 CP Musketeer Commander's Rod (1st)
Iron Musketeer's Gorget (1st)
Musketeer Commander's Falchion (1st, 2nd)
Musketeer Commander's Shield (1st, 2nd)
Republican Mythril Medal
Republican Army Mantle
Rank 7 32000 CP Gold Musketeer's Ring (1st)
Gold Musketeer's Uchigatana (1st, 2nd)
Iron Musketeer's Quiver
Rank 8 40000 CP Republican Gold Medal (1st)
Presidential Hairpin (1st, 2nd)
Praefectus's Gloves
Rank 9 48000 CP Senior Gold Musketeer's Scimitar (1st)
Senior Gold Musketeer's Axe
Senior Gold Musketeer's Scythe
Senior Gold Musketeer's Rod
Rank 10 56000 CP Republic Aketon 1st
Rank 10 5000 CP Republic Signet Staff (always available under Common Items)

Windurstian itemsEdit

Rank Requirement Cost Items
Rank 1 1000 CP Freesword's Staff (1st)
Freesword's Slops (1st, 2nd)
Freesword's Baghnakhs
Freesword's Club
Freesword's Bow
Rank 2 2000 CP Mercenary's Greatsword (1st)
Mercenary's Knife (1st, 2nd)
Mercenary's Pole
Mercenary's Hachimaki
Mercenary's Gi
Mercenary's Tekko
Mercenary's Sitabaki
Mercenary's Kyahan
Rank 3 4000 CP Mercenary Captain's Belt (1st)
Windurstian Ring (1st)
Mercenary Captain's Kukri (1st, 2nd)
Mercenary Captain's Scythe
Mercenary Captain's Headgear
Mercenary Captain's Doublet
Mercenary Captain's Gloves
Mercenary Captain's Hose
Mercenary Captain's Gaiters
Rank 4 8000 CP Combat Caster's Axe (1st)
Combat Caster's Scimitar (1st, 2nd)
Combat Caster's Dagger
Combat Caster's Mitts
Combat Caster's Slacks
Combat Caster's Shoes
Combat Caster's Cloak
Combat Caster's Boomerang
Green Scarf
Rank 5 16000 CP Tactician Magician's Hooks (1st)
Tactician Magician's Wand (1st, 2nd)
Tactician Magician's Hat (1st, 2nd)
Tactician Magician's Espadon
Tactician Magician's Coat
Tactician Magician's Cuffs
Tactician Magician's Slops
Tactician Magician's Pigaches
Paisley Scarf
Rank 6 24000 CP Wise Wizard's Anelace (1st)
Wise Wizard's Bilbo (1st, 2nd)
Wise Wizard's Staff (1st, 2nd)
Checkered Scarf
Federal Army Mantle
Rank 7 32000 CP Patriarch Protector's Ring (1st)
Patriarch Protector's Shield (1st, 2nd)
Combat Caster's Quiver (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Rank 8 40000 CP Windurstian Scarf (1st)
Master Caster's Bracelets (1st, 2nd)
Master Caster's Mitts
Rank 9 48000 CP Master Caster's Knife (1st)
Master Caster's Baghnakhs (1st, 2nd)
Master Caster's Pole
Master Caster's Bow
Rank 10 56000 CP Federation Aketon (1st)
Rank 10 5000 CP Federation Signet Staff (always available under Common Items)

San d'Orian itemsEdit

Rank Requirement Cost Items
Rank 1 1000 CP Royal Footman's Tunic (1st)
Royal Archer's Cesti (1st, 2nd)
Royal Archer's Sword
Royal Footman's Bandana
Royal Archer's Longbow
Royal Footman's Gloves
Royal Footman's Boots
Rank 2 2000 CP Royal Footman's Clogs (1st)
Royal Spearman's Horn (1st, 2nd)
Royal Spearman's Spear
Royal Footman's Vest
Royal Footman's Trousers
Rank 3 4000 CP Royal Squire's Mace (1st)
San d'Orian Ring (1st)
Royal Squire's Dagger (1st, 2nd)
Royal Squire's Halberd
Royal Squire's Helm
Royal Squire's Mufflers
Royal Squire's Sollerets
Royal Squire's Collar
Rank 4 8000 CP Royal Squire's Shield (1st)
Royal Squire's Robe (1st, 2nd)
Royal Swordsman's Blade
Royal Squire's Chainmail
Royal Squire's Breeches
Rank 5 16000 CP Royal Knight's Cloak (1st)
Royal Knight's Belt (1st, 2nd)
Temple Knight Army Sword
Royal Knight Army Lance
Royal Knight's Mufflers
Royal Knight's Sollerets
Royal Knight Army Shield
Temple Knight Army Shield
Temple Knight Army Collar
Royal Knight Army Collar
Rank 6 24000 CP Royal Guard's Fleuret (1st)
Royal Guard's Sword (1st)
Royal Guard's Rod (1st)
Royal Knight's Breeches (1st)
Royal Knight's Chainmail (1st)
Royal Guard's Shield (1st, 2nd)
Royal Knight's Aketon
Royal Knight's Bascinet
Royal Guard's Collar
Royal Army Mantle
Rank 7 32000 CP Grand Knight's Ring (1st)
Grand Knight's Lance (1st, 2nd)
Temple Knight's Arrow
Rank 8 40000 CP Grand Temple Knight's Collar (1st)
Grand Temple Knight's Bangles (1st, 2nd)
Grand Temple Knight's Gauntlets
Rank 9 48000 CP Reserve Captain's Lance (1st)
Reserve Captain's Mace (1st, 2nd)
Reserve Captain's Greatsword
Reserve Captain's Pick
Rank 10 56000 CP Kingdom Aketon (1st)
Rank 10 5000 CP Kingdom Signet Staff (always available under Common Items)


  • Originally, Signet provided no benefits besides enabling crystal drops and adding conquest points when an enemy is killed. However, due to the decreasing popularity of the Signet as well as regular and Rise of the Zilart areas in favor of Aht Urhgan areas and their sanction, which provides experience bonuses, Signet was changed to allow players to keep their TP while resting.
  • One of the things the player's Adventuring Fellow might say when chatted with is, "I just realized something. I've never once had Signet cast on me. Oh well, never mind..."
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