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The Zoara Sect engages Clan Nutsy.

Deep valley. A source of amber, like Deti Plains.


Siena Gorge (シエンナ峡谷, Shien'na kyōkoku?) is a mountain location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It can be placed on the World Map after "Mission #022: To Ambervale" is completed and is the site of "Mission #023: Over the Hill".

Ritz Malheur attempts to stop Marche Radiuju from reaching the Ambervale by attacking him here, but Marche defeats her. Ritz then agrees not to interfere as Marche proceeds to Ambervale to confront Mewt Randell and Queen Remedi. Siena Gorge is also the site of "Mission #056: New Antilaw" and "Mission #099: The Fey Blade". It can be freed in "Mission #258: Siena Gorge" after "Mission #022: To Ambervale" is completed.


Zoara Sect[]

Radical worshipers of Zoara. Want to destroy the world to restore the "Beginning Time".


Turf Defense[]

Help Siena![]

  • Gladiator
  • Sage
  • Templar
  • Time Mage