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One of the Sworn Six of Paladia who encountered Rain and his friends while they journeyed through Mysidia. Although Veritas of the Earth regarded Fina as a worthy opponent once, he is very disappointed to find out she has lost her powers and memory. And yet, as a warrior he still shows an unnaturally keen interest in her person. A proud soldier of his native world Paladia, his ego can sometimes get the best of him.

In-game description

Sieghard, commonly known by his title of Veritas of the Earth, is a major character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of the Sworn Six of Paladia, being the fifth encountered after his debut in Season One's Chapter VI. A nobleman of beautiful looks and a narcissistic personality, he has a rivalry with Dark Fina.



Sieghard is a man of average stature fully covered in dark brown armor with several gold markings and a green loincloth. His helmet has two long horns and he has long blond hair. His most identifiable trait is his massive shield, which is actually the face of a Demon Wall.

Beneath his suit of armor he wears nobleman's finery, consisting of a white longcoat with armored epaulletes, ornate golden embroidery and red lining, beneath which he wears a lavender waistcoat, a collared shirt, and a cravat. He wears armored black gloves and boots. He wears a head adornment similar to a feathered headdress, fashioned to resemble a human skull. He is androgynous and elegant and wields a large shield comprised of five interlocking pieces and a lengthy whipblade.


Before joining the Sworn Eight, Sieghard loved poetry, painting and fighting, and spent his life pursuing beauty, eventually concluding that nothing was as beautiful as he was. As Veritas of the Earth, being clad in a suit of armor that conceals his outward appearance, he adopted a new persona unconcerned with beauty.

Similarly to the rest of the Sworn Six, Earthlord centers on his goals, being motivated by a burning hatred. No matter the circumstances, he keeps his cool and focuses on the bigger picture.

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Prior to the war between Aldore and Hess, Sieghard forged a friendly rivalry with Dark Fina. The war turned them into bitter enemies who decided to fight to the death. After learning her motives for joining Hess, Sieghard views her in a more favorable light, reigniting their rivalry with less hostility.

After removing his suit of armor, Sieghard becomes increasingly narcissistic, annoying his teammates and bordering on the insensitive. He can come to care for those around him, which he is good at hiding under the guise of narcissism. In moments of severe emotion he can drop the facade, for example when he sees something he believes to be deeply unjust, and displays genuine rage. He eventually admits that his comically theatrical demeanor is merely a facade he maintains to amuse his comrades and himself, much to their chagrin.

Despite his somewhat inappropriate attitude at times, he also displays a strong desire to help the misguided or destitute. As seen when he refuses to let Nagi lose herself to despair and likewise gives Shamlin a new direction after they are defeated, adopting them as their older brother. This is reaffirmed as genuine when he assures them they won't be abandoned after they become trapped following an attempt to distract remaining enemies as the group attempt to assail Aldore Tower.


Early life[]

Sieghard was born into a noble family in Paladia, a clan made of warriors who value beauty and grace above all else, shaping his personality. When he came of age his older siblings Theobald and Dietlinde danced in grace celebrating their younger brother's step into adulthood. As per family tradition they went to the warehouse so Sieghard could select a weapon to use for the rest of his life.

On the way they encountered monsters. At the warehouse Sieghard inspected the equipment while the siblings flaunted their weapons. Sieghard chose a shield to everyone's surprise. He reasoned the shield was perfect for protecting his appearance, and since the shield had a mirror he ciuld look at himself all the time, even in battle. His siblings were shocked yet proud Sieghard could honor the family's beauty.

A merchant requested help from the nobles to hunt down a thief and Theobald and Sieghard tried to find the culprit. Theobald inspected the crime scene and summoned everyone in the neighborhood, declaring he was sure of who the criminal was. One of the culprits came forward for Theobald was so graceful and sure of himself he could not possibly hide it any longer. The thief and the accomplice fought the nobles giving Sieghard the chance to display his new weapon. The culprits were then apprehended.

Another day a citizen requested the family's help in dealing with a gang of ruffians vandalizing the neighborhood. Dietlinde sent an open invitation to the ruffians to come to the mansion to challenge them directly. The ruffians did so and started trashing the place out of anger over being treated as outcasts. Dietlinde and Sieghard defeated the ruffians with the older sister pointing out the ruffians lacked proper conduct and offered them a place to work at the mansion so that they coukd prove their worth.

Another request asked the family to handle a monster who had been kidnapping children and Sieghard was sent to deal with it. Sieghard battled the Belphegor but the monster proved too strong and Sieghard decided to at least save the children. Dark Fina appeared and vanquished the monster much to Sieghard's disbelief. Dark Fina was surrounded in admiration by the children but left them to Sieghard as she didn't like dealing with children.

Flabbergasted at being outshined, Sieghard had Cannon, one of the family maids, investigate the mysterious woman. Sieghard challenged Fina to prove he was stronger and more beautiful, but Fina found him annoying and refused to play along. Sieghard insisted she fight him seriously. Dark Fina unleashed all her power and easily trounced Sieghard who returned home. His defeat shocked his siblings who thought Sieghard had found a rival, a person that could improve his skills. Realizing this, Sieghard declared Fina his rival and from that day onwards engaged her in battle repeatedly (and is suggested to have lost numerous times).

On one such challenge Fina revealed she would undergo operation to perfect the immortality process and thus would not be able to fight him. Sieghard decided to enlist in the Aldore army although his siblings summoned him to the family parlor to declare they reject his intention. To prove his commitment Sieghard defeated his siblings and prepared to join the army to get closer and fight to Fina in equal conditions.

Years later the Armors of the Veritas were finished and the Sworn Eight of Paladia gathered to test their new equipment. Sieghard had a mock battle with his comrades to test the suits of armor and was delighted with his own. Soon after Sieghard, now donning his new suit of armor, appeared before Fina, revealing he not only joined the army, but underwent the immortality process as well, now being the same age Fina was when she gained immortality, thus putting them on equal footing in every sense in his view. Fina was surprised to see him with the armor, but worried it may alter his psyche for it was said to be designed to make its users develop a thirst for battle while wearing it. Sieghard challenged Fina to a duel and the two reassumed their rivalry on new grounds.

When war broke out and the world was split into the Aldore and the Hess factions, Sieghard was loyal to Aldore while Dark Fina joined Hess. This devastated him emotionally and the two became mortal enemies. Sieghard's suit of armor did indeed change his personality, amplifying the animosity.

Following the sealing of the Eight Sages, the Sworn Eight were betrayed by Vlad and sent to the world of Lapis. The original Veritas of the Dark and Veritas of the Bolt (Sakura) defected the Sworn Six in favor of living peaceful lives in Lapis. With a newfound membership, the group reformed under the Six Sworn of Paladia.

Season One[]

Veritas of the Earth discusses plans with Veritas of the Light (Citra), asking if "he" can be sensed. Light assures thus, and says that "they" have hidden the Crystal long ago. Earth warns Light that it matters not who she is, but if she gets moved by "foolish emotions" he would kill her. Light claims to have discarded her emotions except for hatred, and asks if Earth can keep his cool when it comes to Fina. Earth dismisses the concern for he is fully dedicated to their greater goal. The two march towards Mysidia.

Earth and Light ambush Rain and his party at the Nameless Ruins where the Crystal of Light is kept. Sakura (former Veritas of the Bolt) greets them, but is stricken by Light, who chastising Sakura as a traitor for having abandoned the suit of armor and their ranks. Earth uses a quaking attack that pushes them outside the Crystal Chamber. Outside, Earth confronts Fina and asks her if she remembers him, but she does not. Outraged, he claims he will make her remember, and Fina accepts the challenge. Earth deems her unworthy of fighting him directly as she's not a warrior of Hess in her current state, and uses his shield to summon a Demon Wall while he escapes.

The party defeats the Demon Wall and reaches the chamber. Earth berates Fina, convinced she has weakened and is not the same "Demon of Hess" as she used to be. He asks if siding with a pack of humans is what made her weak. He demands her to return to her old form for his sake and begins storing power. Thinking of it as an attack the party tries to interfere, but Veritas of the Light uses her powers to temporarily blind them, giving Veritas of the Earth the chance to transfer a part of his powers onto Fina. She reverts into Dark Fina who questions Earth, but he is displeased that her question is the first she has to say to him after 700 years. He claims they both want a fight to the death, but Sakura does not want to risk Fina being destroyed and teleports away with the party, believing it better for them to survive and protect the last Crystal. Earth is discontent, but Light does not care as she is confident they will find the last Crystal, proceeding to destroy the Light Crystal. Earth rejoices knowing the promised day is nigh.

As Dark Fina's resurrection has caused the other Fina to disappear into the former's mind with the risk of vanishing for good, the party goes to the Magic Library to save her. They enter Dark Fina's memories to find the source of what endangers Fina and prevent her destruction. The party learns more about the war between Aldore and Hess and meet the original members of the Veritas, traveling together. They defeat the Dark Fina of that world who believes them to be allies of Aldore. The Veritas of the Earth of the memory world attempts to strike her down, but Rain pleads with him to try to reach a peaceful approach. Earth, enraged at Rain, claims he doesn't know about the war or his own feelings for Fina, and claims to see things differently from Veritas of the Dark. Earth takes on the challenge and attempts to fight Rain, but is defeated.

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Playable character[]

Sieghard can be summoned to play either in his "Veritas of the Earth" (4-6★) variant, or his armorless variant "Sieghard" (5-7★). In both versions, he is a Tank whose his skill set focuses on protecting the party from physical attacks, both by provoking the enemy or by covering his allies. He is also able to cast some Black Magic and other abilities related to the Earth element. He can equip daggers, swords, hammers, spears, as well as light shields, heavy shields, helms, light armor, heavy armor and accessories.

His Season Two variant "Sieghard" is one of the best physical tanks in the game, due to having high stats, passive provoke, cooldown skills that enable him to cover magical damage or reducing his own damage taken (useful for enemy thresholds), as well as strong offensive breaks. While he can no longer equip spears, he adds staves, axes, whips, as well as hats and clothes, to his equipment selection. As one of the so-called 'CG units', his Limit Burst ("Beauteous Sanctuary") is a FMV-like sequence and has a powerful effect: it deals physical damage with DEF scaling to all enemies, and greatly mitigates damage for all allies for three turns.

He appeared as a guest unit in his own introduction quest as well as several stages from Sieghard, the Magnificent (...).


Sieghard, as Veritas of the Earth, appears as boss in Fina's Psyche Frontlines - Power on Power and in the stage "The Reunion" of Time for Revenge. He commands the Earth element, using attacks such as Stonra, Stonga and Earth Shatter a handful of times per turn. He can cast Break to petrify a party member. He can use Tempered Will to increase his defenses and heal himself for 10,000 HP, and can use Shield Bash, a physical attack. He is fought immediately after battling Dark Fina, who is also a tough boss on her own.

His empowered version, encountered at Klon Palisades - Promised Rematch behaves in a similar manner albeit with a new move in Crush, which can instantly kill a unit. He gains immunity to some status ailments but is vulnerable to Poison, Paralyze and Blind.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Veritas is Latin for "truth".

Sieghard is a German name derived from the Germanic elements sigu "victory" and hard "brave, hardy".