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I am Siegfried, the greatest swordsman in all the world!

Siegfried's boasting

Siegfried is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a famous swordsman, and it is hinted that he is Ultros's rival. Though he does not play an important role in the story, he still appears frequently.


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FFVI IOS Siegfried Encounter

The party meets Siegfried.

Siegfried makes his first appearance on the Phantom Train, where he disrupts Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan, who are working their way towards the front of the train. Siegfried picks a fight with them when they try to open a treasure chest. He is weak and easily defeated. However, he manages to escape with the treasure anyway.

Though he does not appear in person, Ultros attempts to steal the statues representing the Warring Triad from the Esper Caves in the hopes of earning Siegfried's respect. This is the only time in the game the two are hinted to know each other, but this is not explained in detail.

Siegfried later appears in South Figaro Cave in the World of Ruin, where he follows Gerad and his thieves into Figaro Castle. Celes and Sabin spy him stealing treasure on the way, but he ultimately vanishes once the two enter the castle.

Siegfried's final appearance is in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum, where he remains for the rest of the game. He reveals there was someone trying to disguise themselves as him and urges players not to be fooled by the impostor. This is not further elaborated on. Betting a Megalixir will allow players to fight him, and he is much stronger than before.

It is not entirely clear which encounters with Siegfried, if any, are with the real one. The vast difference in strength between the Siegfried found inside of the Coliseum and the one found on the Phantom Train could mean that the Siegfried in the Coliseum is the real one, and the one the party encountered on the Phantom Train is the impostor. However, this does not explain the other encounters. In the SNES version, during the instances where he is helpful he appears as "Siegfried," and when he hinders the player he is called "Ziegfried." This implies that these are two separate characters and explains Siegfried's comment about being impersonated; this distinction is absent in the Advance release. It is possible that the impostor was meant to be Gogo before the sidequest to recruit him was changed in development.

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Siegfried is fought twice as a boss. The first instance is aboard the Phantom Train and he will randomly attack eight times dealing low damage. With 100 HP, he is of no challenge for the player at that point of the game. If the player bets a Megalixir at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum in the World of Ruin, Siegfried will randomly choose between Attack, Hyperdrive, or Metal Cutter.

Siegfried has a Rage for his Coliseum appearance that exist within the game coding, but since Siegfried never appears on the Veldt, Gau can never learn it. His Rage can only be obtain with a cheat device. Using the Siegfried Rage, Gau would cast Flare, become weak to Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Poison, and Holy, be granted Protect status and be immune to Petrify, Death, and Doom statuses.

Other appearancesEdit

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

LRFFXIII Siegfried

A garb that allows the wearer to unleash consecutive attacks. It increases Strength.


The Siegfried garb is loosely based on Siegfried. It is obtained by posting the Battle Score to the Outerworld services in the demo version of the game. Similarly to Siegfried, the garb excels in its offensive prowess. Its locked ability is Relentless Assault Lv. 2, it gives no extra ATB but Lightning always starts battles in this garb with the ATB bar fully filled. It also provides Strength +10%.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

In the Omega: Sigmascape V1.0 raid, Siegfried has a small chance of appearing in place of a ghost. After breaking the Phantom Train's chimney and getting transported to a train cart, the player has to defeat Siegfried to get out of the train cart and continue the raid. Siegfried has no other purpose other than simply being an easter egg, and due to having less health, he is slightly easier to defeat.

Siegfried also appears as a central character in the Blue Mage quest line between level 50 and 60.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

PFF Siegfried

Siegfried from Final Fantasy VI appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

Siegfried ATB

With a name like Siegfried, it's only natural that he would be a master swordsman.

In-game description.

Siegfried appears as a boss.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Siegfried FFVI
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Siegfried (known as "Sigurd" in Norse mythology) is the dragon-slaying hero of the German epic poem, Song of Nibelungs. This is one of several names of epic heroes used in Final Fantasy, others being Gilgamesh and Beowulf.


  • A Ghost Card in Dissidia Final Fantasy is named Siegfried. The Siegfried ghost is a level 100 Kefka. A Cyan Gem and a Tintinnabulum can be won through Battlegen with the ghost, the latter a reference to the item the player can win from Siegfried in the Coliseum in Final Fantasy VI. The quote on the card "It seems that an impostor has been masquerading as me recently..." is what Siegfried says to the party in the Coliseum.
  • In Dissidia 012, the Ghost Card "Famed Moogle" uses Siegfried's icon. The description references Siegfried: "You know not my name? Everyone knows only the octopus..."
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