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I am Siegfried, the greatest swordsman in all the world!

Siegfried's boasting

Siegfried, also spelled Ziegfried and Sigfried, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy VI. He is a famous swordsman who travels the world seeking treasure. He does not play an important role in the story, but appears sporadically throughout the party's adventure.



Siegfried wears blue armor with a long blue cape, a brown cowl, and brown boots and gloves. He carries a sword on his back and a gun in his left hand. Only one eye is visible under his cowl; it is unknown if he is missing an eye, or if the other is just not visible.


Siegfried is an arrogant man, calling himself as "the greatest swordsman in the world". However, when he fights the Returners aboard the Phantom Train he is weak and easily defeated. A sore loser, he claims the treasure anyway. Though touting himself a famous swordsman, he seems more like a treasure hunter, vanishing after snatching items of value.

When met at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum, Siegfried reveals that someone out there is impersonating him, telling the Returners not to be fooled by the impostor. It is hinted that the Siegfried in the coliseum is the real Siegfried, and that the treasure-hunting "Siegfried" the party ran into earlier is the impostor.

When Ultros tries to steal the statues of the Warring Triad from the Esper Caves, he mentions hoping the feat will get Siegfried's attention. It is unknown what relationship the two have, as neither mentions the other at any other point.


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The party meets Siegfried.

Siegfried first crossed paths with the party on the Phantom Train when Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan attempted to open a treasure chest containing something Siegfried wanted. Siegfried challenged them and attacked rapidly, but they easily defeated him. Upset at being defeated, Siegfried grabbed the treasure anyway and fled.

Siegfried later appeared in South Figaro Cave in the World of Ruin, following Gerad and the Crimson Robbers as they infiltrate Figaro Castle. Celes and Sabin spied him stealing treasure on the way, and he panicked and fled again.

The party's final encounter with Siegfriend occurred at Dragon's Neck Coliseum. He revealed someone has been impersonating him as he idles in a room off of the lobby, and warns the party not to be fooled.

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Siegfried is fought twice. The first instance is aboard the Phantom Train, and he will randomly attack eight times dealing low damage. With 100 HP, he is of no challenge for the player.

If the player bets a Megalixir at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum in the World of Ruin, Siegfried will be their opponent, wagering a Tintinnabulum. He is a much more formidable opponent here, with over 32,000 HP and the attacks Metal Cutter and Hyperdrive, either of which could KO the player's character in one hit.

Other appearances[]

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII[]

Siegfried garb.

A garb that allows the wearer to unleash consecutive attacks. It increases Strength.


The Siegfried garb is loosely based on Siegfried. It was obtained by posting the Battle Score to the Outerworld services in the demo version of the game. Similarly to Siegfried, the garb excels in its offensive prowess. Its locked ability is Relentless Assault Lv. 2, it gives no extra ATB but Lightning always starts battles in this garb with the ATB bar fully filled. It also provides Strength +10%.

Final Fantasy XIV[]


In the Omega: Sigmascape V1.0 raid, Siegfried has a small chance of appearing in place of a ghost. After breaking the Phantom Train's chimney and getting transported to a train cart, the player has to defeat Siegfried to get out of the train cart and continue the raid. Siegfried has no other purpose other than being an Easter egg, and due to having less health, he is slightly easier to defeat.

Siegfried also appears as a central character in the Blue Mage quest line between level 50 and 60. This Siegfried is the stage persona of Zirnberk, the leader of the Stone Torches and son of the chair of the Amajina & Sons Mining Concern, which he adopts when fighting in the Masked Carnivale. Though very clearly cheating, as Zimberk's armor and weaponry are all fueled by scavenged Garlean magitek, Zimberk concedes that he wouldn't have survived Martyn's cast of Self-Destruct without it and demands a rematch against the Warrior of Light to satisfy his honor.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF Siegfried.png

Siegfried from Final Fantasy VI appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest[]

Siegfried ATB.png

With a name like Siegfried, it's only natural that he would be a master swordsman.

In-game description.

Siegfried appears as a boss.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

FFRK Siegfried FFVI.png
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Other media[]

A Ghost Card in Dissidia Final Fantasy is named Siegfried. The Siegfried ghost is a level 100 Kefka. A Cyan Gem and a Tintinnabulum can be won through Battlegen with the ghost, the latter a reference to the item the player can win from Siegfried in the Coliseum in Final Fantasy VI. The quote on the card "It seems that an impostor has been masquerading as me recently..." is what Siegfried says to the party in the Coliseum.

In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, the Ghost Card "Famed Moogle" uses Siegfried's icon. The description references Siegfried: "You know not my name? Everyone knows only the octopus..."

Behind the scenes[]

Siegfried has a Rage for his coliseum appearance within the game coding, but since enemies fought there do not count for appearing on the Veldt, Siegfried never appears on the Veldt and Gau can never learn his Rage. The Rage is functional if the player uses a cheating device to obtain it. Using the Siegfried Rage, Gau would cast Flare, become weak to all eight elements, be granted Protect status and be immune to Petrify, Death, and Doom statuses.

It is unknown what Siegfried means by warning the party of an impostor, though it is likely given the discrepancy in their powers that the Siegfried fought on the Phantom Train is the impostor and the Siegfried at Dragon's Neck Coliseum is the true Siegfried. It has been speculated that the "Ziegfried" spelling is used for the impostor, and "Siegfried" for the real swordsman. However, the "Ziegfried" spelling was an invention of the original Super NES translation, as was the third spelling "Sigfried", and both are used inconsistently in dialogue to refer to the character while the "Siegfried" spelling is only used in battle. In the original Japanese script, and in the re-translated Game Boy Advance script, the character is called "Siegfried" at all times. Originally, Gogo was planned to impersonate the player's party members as part of their recruitment quest.[1][2] If this is related to the "imposter" Siegfried warns the party of, is unknown.


Siegfried (known as "Sigurd" in Norse mythology) is the dragon-slaying hero of the German epic poem, Song of Nibelungs. This is one of several names of epic heroes used in Final Fantasy, others being Gilgamesh and Beowulf.