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The Siege of Maranda was one of the early battles in the Third Gestahlian Campaign in Final Fantasy VI. Imperial General Celes Chere, who commanded the siege, gained infamy for the brutality by which her troops subdued the city.


According to a timeline, the Gestahlian Empire had conquered the entire Southern Continent during the First Gestahlian Campaign 18 years ago, and this would have included Maranda. It is possible that Maranda became a puppet state back then rather than being annexed outright, and that the siege was carried out in the context of a shift of alignment by Maranda. Alternatively, if Maranda had been fully annexed 18 years ago, it is possible that it invoked the wrath of the Empire by trying to regain its independence.

Siege and aftermath[]

Maranda was decimated during the siege, and Celes became feared and hated worldwide as the one who torched Maranda. The city was occupied with heavy Imperial military presence to deter the population from rising up. Most of Maranda's male population was drafted into the Imperial Army, including Lola's boyfriend. Many are subsequently sent off to fight in the Siege of Doma.