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Home is an underground fortress hidden in the middle of the Bikanel Desert. It was built under the direction of Cid and was the home of the Al Bhed until it was attacked by the Guado and forced to be self-destructed.

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An attack by Sin in Macalania transports Yuna and her guardians into the desert. After everyone but Yuna regrouped, Rikku told the others of a secret place in the desert called Home where the Al Bhed live. But when they found it, Home was under siege from the Guado.

They made it to the Summoners' Sanctum at the heart of Home where they hoped in vain to find Yuna. They were soon forced to escape via Cid's airship before he ordered the evacuation and then termination of Home.

Although Guado casualties are unknown, they are presumed to be relatively high, due to losses incurred in the initial siege, and to Home's destruction with many of its attackers inside. Al Bhed casualties, however, must have been high indeed for them to abandon and destroy their one safe haven, though this may also be because of the simple fact of Home's discovery - with its location revealed, further persecution from the Yevonites would be a certainty, forcing the Al Bhed to leave regardless of the battle itself.


The party is able to escape with a few of the population aboard the airship, Fahrenheit. Cid uses the ship's missile pods to destroy the remainder of Home. Still, two years after the event, Home is yet to be rebuilt.

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