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The Siege of Fort Condor is an event in Final Fantasy VII that takes place between December εγλ 0007 and January εγλ 0008. A periphery theater of the Jenova War, the Siege of Fort Condor is initially presented as a sidequest, and later becomes a required location to gain a Huge Materia. Financed by Avalanche, the defenders hold the superior Shinra Electric Power Company army at bay and protect the condor sitting atop of the fort. Described by the defenders as a war, this is the only armed conflict the Shinra Company is known to have lost.

In "Episode INTERmission", the siege is represented with an in-universe tabletop game, called Fort Condor.


The Shinra sees a condor nesting atop the fort as a threat to their mako reactor operations, and wants to remove the bird and the inhabitants by force. They also seek to obtain the Huge Materia from the reactor on the top of the fort. While women and children evacuate to an unspecified village, the men stay behind to protect the rare condor species and garrison the fort to oppose Shinra.

Unlike in previous armed engagements, like the Wutai War and the Genesis War, and for reasons unknown, the corporation deploys beasts rather than regular troops to attack the fort. The defenders are broke, but with the financial assistance of Avalanche they hire mercenaries to resist the attackers. For every successful defense, the defenders grant Avalanche various gifts as a sign of their gratitude.

Shinra's determination to capture the fort increases as the conflict goes on, but the defenders stand their ground. The last battle is fought during the Huge Materia quest. Should the defenders lose, Avalanche will intervene and fight CMD.Grand Horn atop the fort. Once the battle is won,[note 1] the condor seemingly dies, but its egg hatches and the baby condor flies off, showing that the species will continue to survive. As a reward for assisting the defenders, Avalanche gains the Huge Materia and is free to come and stay as they please.



  1. The siege is losable, though rather impossible unless done on purpose. To achieve this, the player must let the enemy reach the top of the reactor in the last battle and purposely lose the subsequent boss battle with CMD.Grand Horn. All the defenders are implied to have been killed, the party loses the Huge Materia, and Fort Condor becomes inaccessible for the rest of the game.