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In Final Fantasy XIV, a sidequest is an optional Quest. The following is a list of sidequests.

Side Story Quests[]

Lominsan Sidequests[]

Gridanian Sidequests[]

Ul'dahn Sidequests[]

Coerthan Sidequests[]

Mor Dhonan Sidequests[]

Ishgardian Sidequests[]

Abalathian Sidequests[]

Dravanian Sidequests[]

Azys Lla Sidequests[]

Gyr Abanian Sidequests[]

Othardian Sidequests[]

Hingan Sidequests[]

Lakeland Sidequests[]

Kholusian Sidequests[]

Amh Araeng Sidequests[]

Il Mheg Sidequests[]

Rak'tika Sidequests[]

Tempest Sidequests[]

Thavnairian Sidequests[]

Sharlayan Sidequests[]

Garlean Sidequests[]

Mare Lamentorum Sidequests[]

Elpis Sidequests[]

Ultima Thule Sidequests[]