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Side Stories is a section of the Lodestone's Final Fantasy XIV Play Guide that contains canonical short stories set in the world of Etheirys. Each set of stories generally features characters from the most recent expansion and begin publishing once per week around The Rising anniversary events.

List of stories[]

Collection Title Date Synopsis Link
The Grand Companies of Eorzea The Grand Companies of Eorzea July 15, 2011 (1.0)
August 24, 2013
The only set of pages republished from the 1.0 version of the Lodestone, this is a series of informational articles about the Grand Companies, Free Companies, and the Garlean Empire. [1]
The Maelstrom July 15, 2011 (1.0)
August 24, 2013
Informational article on the military organization of the Maelstrom and Chief Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn [2]
The Order of the Twin Adder July 15, 2011 (1.0)
August 24, 2013
Informational article on the military organization of the Order of the Twin Adder and Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna [3]
The Immortal Flames July 15, 2011 (1.0)
August 24, 2013
Informational article on the military organization of the Immortal Flames and Flame General Raubahn Aldynn [4]
The Garlean Empire July 15, 2011 (1.0)
August 24, 2013
Informational article on the history of the Garlean Empire, Legati Gaius van Baelsar and Nael van Darnus, and Emperor Solus zos Galvus [5]
What Is a Free Company? July 15, 2011 (1.0)
August 24, 2013
Informational article about Free Companies [6]
Tales from the Calamity "Where Victory and Glory Lead" August 15, 2014 Merlwyb recounts the final moments of the Battle of Carteneau and the early stages of rebuilding during the Seventh Umbral Era. [7]
"The Sultana's Seven" August 22, 2014 During the Seventh Umbral Calamity, Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo leads seven loyal subjects, Pipin Tarupin, Papashan Nonoshan, and five brothers in the Thaumaturges' Guild, to restore order in the streets of Ul'dah. The brothers are installed as co-masters of the guild in recognition of their service. [8]
"Of Friends Lost and Found" August 29, 2014 In the aftermath of the Battle of Carteneau, Kan-E-Senna provides healing to survivors, regardless of prior allegiance, including a young Garlean conscript who would later join her honor guard. She also recovers Master Louisoix's staff, Tupsimati, and returns it to Yda and Papalymo. [9]
"The Walker's Path" September 5, 2014 Minfilia reminisces about her childhood, her history with Thancred, her first meeting with Louisoix, and the union of her Path of the Twelve with his Circle of Knowing to become the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in the wake of the Calamity. [10]
"In Louisoix's Wake" September 12, 2014 Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur recount Louisoix's departure from Sharlayan, his influence on their philosophy, their reactions to the Calamity, and decision to follow in their grandfather's footsteps to Eorzea. [11]
Tales from the Dragonsong War Through Fire and Blood August 6, 2015 Estinien has a nightmare about his childhood in which Nidhogg razed his village. He is awoken by Aymeric, a fellow junior Temple Knight. On their first mission, Estinien slays a dragon with the aid of Aymeric, the beginning of their friendship. [12]
"The Dreamer and the Dream" August 13, 2015 Ysayle recounts the events that led to her self-sacrifice in Azys Lla. After awakening to the Echo, she traveled to Dravania and met Hraesvelgr, where her power revealed the truth behind the Dragonsong War. The revelation drove her to become the heretic Lady Iceheart, partnering with Lolorito to engineer the assault on the Steps of Faith. Remorse over civilian casualties further led to partnering with the Warrior of Light to end the war. [13]
"Vows Unbroken" August 20, 2015 Francel reflects on his friendship and admiration for Haurchefant, including their meeting as children, their adventures together, and the incident in which Francel was kidnapped by bandits and Haurchefant rescued him. [14]
"For Coin and Country"[note 1] August 27, 2015 Nanamo discovers the full story of Teledji Adeledji's plot and Lolorito's maneuverings to usurp and profit from it. In a Syndicate meeting, Lolorito explains that he had to thwart both the plot and Nanamo's plans to abdicate the monarchy in order to maintain the status quo. In recompense, he gifts the late Adeledji's assets to the Sultanate. Nanamo and Raubahn reluctantly accept, loath to be indebted to the greedy capitalist. [15]
"What Remains of a Knight" August 5, 2016 This story details how Archbishop Thordan VII fell under the influence of the Ascians and perverted the purpose of the Heavens' Ward. Ser Vaindreau de Rouchemande, the Very Reverend Archimandrite of the Heavens' Ward, discovers the conspiracy and is assassinated by First Inquisitor Charibert de Leusignac. His death is covered up and Charibert later joins the Heavens' Ward. [16]
"Words, Deeds, Beliefs" August 12, 2016 Following Nidhogg's true death, Alphinaud rereads his journal and reflects on his philosophical development since the betrayal of the Crystal Braves, particularly the influence of Haurchefant, Estinien, and Ysayle, who encourage him to be a leader who stands with his compatriots instead of issuing orders from the sidelines. Following a chat with Count Edmont, he goes on a pilgrimage retracing his journey in Heavensward to pay his respects at Ysayle's grave. [17]
"A Malm in Her Shoes"[note 1] August 19, 2016 After parting with Alphinaud over a disagreement about the Carteneau remembrance ceremonies, Alisaie seeks to understand Eorzea by traveling and meeting her people. She rescues a young merchant girl, Emery, from a trade deal gone sour and joins her caravan as a mercenary guard. She familiarizes herself with Thanalan and even helps with sales on one occasion when the caravan is understaffed. On the way to their next destination, an unexpected thunderstorm causes a mudslide that sweeps Emery's wagon off a cliff. With sorrow, Alisaie continues her travels until catching wind of the exploits of the Warriors of Darkness and following them until her inevitable reunion with her brother. [18]
"Thoughts Unspoken" August 26, 2016 An unnamed House Fortemps manservant is tasked with going through the late Haurchefant's paperwork looking for documentation on Camp Dragonhead's historical land claims. He inadvertently finds what appears to be Haurchefant's final unsent letter to the Warrior of Light, which details his motivations for petitioning Count Edmont for admittance into Ishgard. Although the manservant catches up to the Warrior of Light at Haurchefant's memorial, a gust of wind claims the letter before it can be delivered, though the Warrior's face gives the impression that the letter's meaning has already been conveyed. [19]
Tales from the Storm "The Weight of a Name" August 4, 2017 M'naago questions why Conrad Kemp's Ala Mhigan Resistance cell has committed so many resources to smuggling two people across Baelsar's Wall into occupied territory. He replies that they're Scions of the Seventh Dawn, supporters of the Resistance, and one is the daughter of Curtis Hext, the late leader of the rebellion. M'naago and Meffrid lead the operation to extract them. Yda and Papalymo quickly become powerful assets for the Resistance, including an occasion where Yda single-handedly wipes out a Garlean ambush, which inspires M'naago's loyalty to her. [20]
"A Calm After the Storm" August 11, 2017 Y'shtola, Alisaie, and Lyse meet for tea at a bakery in Limsa Lominsa after the liberation of Ala Mhigo. Between reminiscing, they banter about the Warrior of Light's flightiness, Alphinaud's meddling in Doman finances, and Lyse's struggles both with the rebuilding effort and her love life. Before they can extract the object of Y'shtola's affection, the Warrior of Light finally arrives. [21]
"When the Wager Pays Off" August 18, 2017 Pipin Tarupin remembers his childhood under an abusive father who sold him into slavery, his training as a gladiator on the Bloodsands, and his adoption by Raubahn, who bought out his slave contract though winning in the arena. After emancipation, he continued his swordsmanship training under Raubahn. In the present, he fights side-by-side with his adopted father to free the latter's homeland. [22]
"O Nhaama, Where Art Thou" August 25, 2017 Auri warriors gather by campfire to tell the story of Magnai, the most radiant brother of the Oronir, who grew large and strong at an uncommonly young age. Though he was unmatched in contests of strength, he was ever searching for his "Nhaama", his destined partner who continued to elude him despite leading the Oronir to victory in the Naadam. He demands that the maidens of the Steppe present themselves to him to see if one of them is his Nhaama. Here, he first encounters Sadu, leader of the Dotharl, and the two come to blows over his uncouth behavior, though their duel ends in a draw. [23]
"In Darkness Blooms the Lily" August 10, 2018 Yotsuyu works as a double agent, posing as a loyal Doman spy but feeding information about the rebellion back to the Empire. She first encounters Zenos yae Galvus while undercover as a courtesan as part of her handlers' attempts to gain an advantage in the impending war of succession. Zenos sees through her deception and recognizes her loathing for the homeland that treated her so poorly. Imperial assassins disrupt the meeting, a false flag operation hoping to pin Zenos' murder on the Doman rebellion while eliminating a rival in the succession war. He easily dispatches them and offers Yotsuyu a proposal. A few weeks later, after Zenos crushes the rebellion, Yotsuyu is installed as acting viceroy. [24]
"From Azure Ashes" August 17, 2018 While on a pilgrimage after the end of the Dragonsong War, Estinien arrives in Sohr Khai to pay respects to Ratatoskr. He encounters Hraesvelgr, who appreciates his gesture. Hraesvelgr entrusts Estinien with a suit of dragoon armor from the age of harmony between man and dragon and insists that his lance is still needed. Estinien names the armor "Iceheart" to guide and keep him on the path of righteousness. Some time later, he watches as the Warrior of Light vanquishes the primal Shinryu, which had been summoned using the aether of Nidhogg's eyes. After the battle, he destroys them, finally ending Nidhogg's hateful legacy. [25]
"The First Step" August 24, 2018 Arenvald accompanies a squadron of Immortal Flames summoners to quell an invocation of Ifrit. Blessed with the Echo, Arenvald is immune to the primal's tempering. Fordola Lupis also joins the mission as a convict conscripted into service—her abilities as a Resonant provide similar protection. Though Ifrit is banished quickly to the aether, the squadron is ambushed by Amalj'aa as they withdraw. Fordola risks her life to save a soldier and Arenvald covers the retreat. [26]
"A Display of Ingenuity"[note 1] August 31, 2018 In his youth at the Imperial Magitek Academy, Cid Garlond first encounters Nero Scaeva, a fellow child genius with a chip on his shoulder over Cid's reputation as Midas nan Garlond's son. They share an intense rivalry and one-sided bullying as they compete for the grand prize at the Imperial Youth Magitek Exhibition. Cid develops a miniature flying machine and Nero creates a hypercurrent cannon. On the day of the Exhibition, a group of Bozjan rebels break in, trying to take Midas hostage and force him to cease testing for Project Meteor. Cid and Nero combine their machines into an airborne drone and take out the rebels. Their amalgam creation jointly wins the top prize. [27]
Tales from the Shadows "One Name, One Promise" August 27, 2019 As a young boy, Thancred attempts to pickpocket Louisoix in Limsa Lominsa, but the elderly man fends him off and, recognizing his potential, offers him a life and education in Sharlayan. He takes the surname "Waters" after Thaliak, the guardian of knowledge and rivers. He returns to Eorzea on a mission to forestall the war with Garlemald. In Ul'dah, he meets Ascilia but fails to protect her father when he becomes embroiled in a plot to undermine peace efforts. Feeling responsible for orphaning her, Thancred protects her from the shadows and suggests she take the name Minfilia to evade her father's enemies. Years later, on the First, Thancred finds himself on a similar mission, once again protecting a young girl named "Minfilia" by rescuing her from Eulmore. [28]
"Echoes of Delusion" September 3, 2019 Estinien and Orn Khai travel to Kugane to discover the truth about Seiryu, a draconic auspice rumored to consume man-flesh. They quickly discover that Seiryu is a serpent, not a dragon, and of no relation to Orn Khai. Lacking funds for the return trip, they enlist as entertainers for patrons of the Shiokaze Hostelry. Tataru and Krile unexpectedly arrive, looking for Estinien, who desperately tries to escape. The two effortlessly track Estinien through Kugane and catch up with him in the morning. Defeated, he resigns to completing their task: to travel to Garlemald to destroy the factories producing the Black Rose toxin and thereby prevent it from being deployed in Eorzea. [29]
"A World Forsaken" September 10, 2019 In an alternate future timeline, Omega documents the events of the Eighth Umbral Calamity, which was triggered by the successful use of Black Rose. Facing multiple rebellions in Imperial provinces, the Garleans resort to Black Rose, a toxin that halts the flow of aether in living beings. Though effective, the weapon backfires when its effects spread first to Garlemald and then across the entire world. Combining technology from the Crystal Tower, the primal Alexander, and Omega's Interdimensional Rift, Cid, Nero, and the Garlond Ironworks devise a plan to use time travel to prevent the Calamity and save the Warrior of Light, though it had no hope of completion in their lifetimes. Cid completes the theory on his deathbed and Omega continues its sentinel. [30]
"Through His Eyes" September 17, 2019 In ancient Amaurot, Hades relaxes in a park until he is interrupted by Hythlodaeus, who congratulates him for being named Emet-Selch of the Convocation of Fourteen. Hythlodaeus asks Hades for help with a peculiar concept, an immortal firebird, that accidentally acquired a soul while being created, one bound for the Underworld. Angry and confused, it repeatedly kills itself before being unwillingly revived. Hades wields his potent magical strength to unmake it. Eons later, Hades rouses from his Amaurotine daydream. He resides in the body of Solus zos Galvus, first Emperor of Garlemald, and is holding an audience with his grandson Varis, whom he cannot help but look upon in disgust. [31]
"Small Mercies" August 27, 2020 Beq Lugg, then a young nu mou mage studying in Voeburt, strikes a friendship with Princess Pauldia in the time before the Flood. In an effort to avoid an arranged marriage, Pauldia begs Beq Lugg to use an experimental elixir to unlock her magical talents, which would allow her to join the court mages and stay in Voeburt with her sister, Crown Princess Sauldia, without wedding. When citizens begin transforming into sin eaters, Sauldia assembles a task force comprising knights and court mages to address the threat. They discover that Tadric, a rival court mage, stole the elixir and caused the transformations. Pauldia succumbs and becomes a beast but Beq Lugg arranges to have her imprisoned instead of slaughtered. Pauldia escapes after the fall of Voeburt in the Flood. [32]
"A Dream Partnership" September 3, 2020 Seto dreams of when he first met Ardbert, who rescued him from an abusive criminal. Though Branden doesn't see much promise in the emaciated amaro, Ardbert recognizes his uncommon cleverness and nurtures him back to health. Seto quickly becomes a vital member of the adventuring team, participating in hunts and jobs. After playing a key role in slaying a giant bird, they discover that it had been stealing and hoarding shiny trinkets. Ardbert awards Seto a Nabaath medallion for his role in taking down the hunt, which becomes a symbol of their bond. In the present, Seto is grateful to the Warrior of Light for retrieving the medallion which he had lost during the Flood. With it safely returned, he is possessed by the desire to fly around the world and reflect on his travels with Ardbert. [33]
"Ere Our Curtain Falls" September 10, 2020 In ancient Amaurot, Elidibus discusses an incident that has come before the Convocation with Emet-Selch. Though the Convocation plans to allow a volcano to take its natural course and destroy an island, they find that Azem has decided to intervene by using the excess aether to summon Ifrita and then destroy it, all to preserve some particularly tasty grapes. Much later, after Solus' death, Emet-Selch's soul returns to the aetherial sea. Elidibus apprises him that Lahabrea's soul has been vanquished and plans to confront the Warrior of Light directly, encouraging Emet-Selch to do the same. Emet-Selch muses about how similar Lahabrea was to his fiery creations and expresses concern for Elidibus, who has slowly been losing his memory. [34]
"An Unpromised Tomorrow" September 17, 2020 In an alternate future timeline, an unnamed engineer describes the 200 years since the Eighth Umbral Calamity and the culmination of the Garlond Ironworks' labors to undo it. On the eve of their plan to transport the Crystal Tower back in time to the First, the engineer reminisces with G'raha Tia, who awoke when they unsealed the Tower. G'raha describes his admiration for Cid, Rammbroes, and the Warrior of Light, their mission to stop Xande's plot, and his reasons for staying behind in the Tower. After they successfully enact their plan, the remaining engineers contemplate the fate of their clipped timeline. At that moment, Midgardsormr rouses from the wreckage of the Keeper of the Lake. He commends the mortals for their perseverance and challenges them to rebuild their own world too, with his protection. [35]
Tales from the Twilight "The Burden of Duty" August 27, 2021 Yugiri reminisces about her childhood and meeting with Hien. A native of Sui-no-Sato, a domed village under the Ruby Sea, Yugiri dreams of the world on land. While returning from an illicit trip to Yanxia, she falls behind and gets lost in a bamboo grove. She meets a young Hien who trains as a samurai to protect his people. They train together and grow close. After an argument with his father over Doman treatment at the hands of the Garlean Empire, Hien storms off to the Swallow's Compass to entreat the aid of the Monkey King and Yugiri follows. She accidentally alerts one of the automaton guards and Hien deflects its strike, gaining his iconic facial scar in the process. After they escape, an imperial guard apprehends and nearly executes them, if not for Gosetsu's intervention. [36]
"Her Father’s Daughter" September 3, 2021 Merlwyb finally completes peace talks with the Kobold tribe and remembers the end of the age of piracy led by her father, Bloefhis. As inheritor of his fleet, Merlwyb carries out his orders to defend shipping lanes from Sahagin attacks. After routing a raid, a Sahagin survivor summons Leviathan, who crushes Merlwyb's ship. Bloefhis arrives in time to save them and banish the primal, though at great cost. Leviathan manages to temper him and his crew, leading to the formation of the Serpent Reavers, enthralled pirates who aid the Sahagin. Merlwyb sets out to put him out of his misery. Mistbeard bequeaths his muskets, Death Penalty and Annihilator, to her for this purpose. Her first mate Lorens arrives in time to save her from getting overwhelmed. Merlwyb duels Bloefhis to the death with Lorens as the only witness. Merlwyb becomes admiral and Lorens decides to found the Company of Heroes to deal with the primal threat. [37]
"Set with the Sun" September 10, 2021 Suffering under the Imperial occupation of Ala Mhigo, a young Fordola meets the original Yda, who saves her from a monster attack. They become friends and Fordola reminds Yda of her sister, Lyse. When Yda and Papalymo finish their mission, she offers Fordola the opportunity to escape Ala Mhigo as a refugee. She decides to stay but on the day of Yda's departure, Garlean soldiers follow and ambush them. Yda puts on an act to draw suspicion away from Fordola, who is able to escape, but she eventually gets overwhelmed and is killed. Fordola takes Yda's final words to heart and "finds hope to hold onto". She enlists in the Garlean military to get better treatment for her Ala Mhigan countrymen. [38]
"True of Heart" September 17, 2021 In 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, Kan-E-Senna returns from the forest to lead Gridania through the Garlean crisis. As Elder Seedseer, she is responsible for hearing and interpreting the will of the elementals who protect the Twelveswood. In the midst of the crisis, the elementals unexpectedly fall silent and Kan-E turns to A-Pitat-Rapa, the previous Elder Seedseer, for guidance. He tells her that the elementals will continue their silence as long as she fails to voice her own worries. The elementals attempt to speak through her brother, A-Ruhn-Senna, but their power is too great and he becomes ill. She takes him to the Guardian Tree and confesses her deafness, to which they finally respond with the truth: that Dalamud is fated to fall on Eorzea. They bestow upon her Claustrum and she realizes that unity with the other city-states is crucial to averting the catastrophe. A-Ruhn and Raya-O join Kan-E as Elder Seedseers to see the plan through. [39]
"An Empty Throne" September 23, 2021 During a meeting of the House of Lords, Artoirel remembers the coronation of Thordan VII as Archbishop. After small talk with other scions of the High Houses, he meets a teenage Aymeric who appears to scorn the proceedings. As the Archbishop's rumored bastard, he suffers abuse from his peers, but eventually becomes Lord Commander of the Temple Knights. In the present, Aymeric and Artoirel remark about how far Ishgard has come as a republic since the fall of the Holy See. Though the Archbishop's throne remains empty, it stands as a symbol of the past and a reminder of how much further they must go. [40]
Tales from the Dawn "A Friendship of Record" August 26, 2022 In ancient Amaurot, a humble archivist of Anamnesis Anyder meets Venat, a brilliant scholar, and they become fast friends. With the archivist's help, Venat develops a proof that the natural conditions of the universe would inevitably produce life. Captivated by the discovery, Venat sets out on a journey to experience as many wonders of the world as possible firsthand. Her travels lead to her appointment to the seat of Azem on the Convocation, a role in which she addresses all manner of crises across the planet. When she names her successor to the position, she chooses to remain as an advisor rather than return her soul to the aetherial sea. In the Final Days, the archivist joins Venat's faction to summon Hydaelyn, with Venat as her heart, in opposition to Zodiark, who they believe represents an obstacle to the maturation of man. After the Sundering, Hydaelyn creates an aetherial construct based on the archivist to guard the seal on Zodiark. [41]
"In Pursuit of Knowledge" September 2, 2022 During the second coming of the Final Days, Erenville's sense of duty demands him to be involved in the Scions' efforts to forestall destruction. He and the gleaners set about acquiring the materials needed to outfit the starship to the edge of the universe. While laboring in Labyrinthos, Erenville encounters the wide variety of people collaborating with the effort, including Wedge, Alpha, and Omega of the Ironworks, Emmanellain of House Fortemps, Kokkol Dankkol, and Fourchenault Leveilleur. After the Final Days are successfully averted, Erenville offers Krile assistance in rebuilding the Students of Baldesion in exchange for help with the archives. He secretly wishes to get more involved with Scion affairs, particularly in regards to his homeland. [42]
"A Question of Life" September 9, 2022 During the Warrior of Light's assault on Ktisis Hyperboreia in Elpis, Hermes equivocates about his choice to create Meteion, understand the ramifications of her nihilistic report, and allow her to escape into the cosmos to sing her song of oblivion. He recalls the work that led to her creation in collaboration with Euanthe, another keeper of Elpis. He decides that she should be blue, like the skies of Elpis, and have features of both bird and man. The Meteia sisters would be telepathically linked so Meteion could easily deliver the results of their survey of life throughout the universe. The endeavor repeatedly ends in failure as Meteia are destroyed by the forces of dynamis in the great expanse. In the aftermath of the Warrior of Light's sojourn in Elpis, the activation of Kairos erases everyone's memories of the incident, which is officially blamed on Meteion becoming unstable and violently dissipating. Hermes goes on to take the seat of Fandaniel, aiding in the summoning of Zodiark to avert the Final Days, unaware of his role in causing it. [43]
"A Question of Death" September 16, 2022 Though the Endsinger is defeated, the people of Garlemald are still recovering from its destruction. Many have taken refuge in other nations and various provinces seem unlikely to reunite into a single state, much less an empire. Jullus questions his own motives for staying behind. He finds an old newspaper commemorating a celebration of the Empire's founding from a few years past, when he was still in the academy. It features a portrait of Zenos that brings to mind their encounter during the Final Days. During a routine patrol of the ruined capitol, Jullus discovers the body of a soldier who died some time ago. He pays his respects and contemplates what gift the dead leave behind for the living. [44]
"Days Gone By, Days Yet to Come" December 7, 2023 Azem inadvertently leaves a concept crystal behind in Hythlodaeus' office after their meeting. The latter encounters Mitron and Loghrif briefly on his quest to return it, catching them after an important Convocation meeting. Elidibus explains that the meeting pertained to a dangerous incident in Pandæmonium recently resolved; Igeyorhm scolds her cousin Lahabrea for not taking better care of his health. Hythlodaeus next bumps into the recently promoted Fandaniel, who appears still troubled by the memory loss incident in Elpis. He lends him a sympathetic ear and exhorts him to take sufficient rest and nourishment. Hythlodaeus manages to catch up with Emet-Selch just as Azem sets off on a long journey away from Amaurot. During the Final Days, Emet-Selch begs Hythlodaeus not to take part in the sacrifice to summon Zodiark, desperately hoping for Azem to return in time with an alternative solution. Eons later, the Warrior of Light recalls their souls at the highest point in Ultima Thule. Emet-Selch bids the Warrior to travel as Azem did and experience the beauty of creation before finally allowing his soul to dissipate in the aetherial sea. Hythlodaeus pens a poem in commemoration as his soul too returns to the sea. [45]
Tales under the New Moon "As Azure Fades" August 25, 2023 As Vrtra's honored guest, Estinien enjoys a potent liquor concocted by Radz-at-Han's finest alchemists. Slipping to sleep, he dreams that he is Haldrath, son of King Thordan, who prized out Nidhogg's eye and became the first Azure Dragoon. He finds himself in the tavern of the former Ser Aureniquart, another of Thordan's knights twelve, who had retired. His daughter, Berteline, trains to become a Temple Knight and fight the Dravanian Horde. Nidhogg's eye threatens to possess Haldrath and he begs Aureniquart to kill him before that happens. He entrusts the eye to Berteline and she becomes the second Azure Dragoon. She and her father fulfill Haldrath's request and plunge his lance through his heart as Estinien startles awake. [46]
"Bringer of Shadow, Bringer of Light" September 1, 2023 In a small city west of Garlemald, Thancred fends off a reaper's assassination attempt. The assailant reminds him of Ran'jit, the implacable Eulmoran general who he faced in the First. He was the son of Zal'bard, the leader of an assassin brotherhood which was visiting Eulmore at the moment the Flood of Light began. They led the city's defense against the sin eaters. When a mysterious girl with the power to banish the sin eaters is discovered, Zal'bard trains her and his son in his martial art. She is named Minfilia, after the figure of legend who stemmed the Flood. Zal'bard, Minfilia, and Ran'jit form a military unit to counter the sin eaters. When Zal'bard strikes the killing blow against the region's Lightwarden, its light infects him and he becomes the new Lightwarden. Minfilia hopes that her immunity will shield her if she kills a Lightwarden herself. However, she dies of physical wounds before this theory can be tested. She prophecies that "Minfilia" will be reborn. Ran'jit finds and trains a succession of Minfilias until Vauthry comes to power. His power to control sin eaters obviates the need for Minfilia and he orders her imprisoned. Ran'jit carries out the unsavory task without complaint. [47]
"In Storm's Wake" September 8, 2023 Krile delivers a letter to G'raha Tia. It is an invitation from Hien to travel to Doma. He seeks insight into Locus Amoenus, the Garlean province formerly known as Corvos, which happens to be G'raha's birthplace. Radz-at-Han has reopened trade with the rebuilding provinces and is planning a summit of regional powers; Hien would arm himself with as much knowledge as possible. G'raha describes the history of Corvos as a farming colony of the Allagan Empire, thousands of years ago. Eight hundred years ago, the Corvosi people won a territorial dispute and drove the Garlean people to the frigid north. When the Empire was established sixty years ago, they retook Corvos and renamed it Locus Amoenus. During the Final Days, it quickly fell into chaos after communication with Garlemald broke down. Hien contemplates how difficult Doman liberation would have been if it were an imperial subject for sixty years, rather than twenty-five. G'raha replies that the true history of a nation is the story of its people and their conviction in the face of changing times. They continue their conversation over Doman cuisine. [48]
"A Legacy of Hope" September 15, 2023 While preparing for the arrival of an exchange student from Thavnair, Ameliance Leveilleur discovers a journal in a secret compartment of Alphinaud's old desk. An entry dated to shortly before Louisoix's voyage to Eorzea catches her eye. Alphinaud joins his father, Fourchenault, on a mysterious errand. He shows his son the existence of Labyrinthos for the first time. Labyrinthos is an artificial underground facility that mimics the natural environment of Corvos. After demonstrating the technology that makes Labyrinthos possible, Fourchenault moves to end his lesson when Ameliance arrives with Alisaie and Louisoix, insisting on a picnic. The picnic attracts various guests, including Galuf and Krile Baldesion, Moenbryda and Urianger, Rammbroes, Dickon, and more. After the picnic, Louisoix, Fourchenault, and Alphinaud each make a vow to bring about a brighter future. [49]

Published collections[]

Final Fantasy XIV: Chronicles of Light is the first collected edition of Lodestone side stories, first published in 2019. It collects 21 stories from the 2014-2018 Rising events and includes four new stories, "The Hunt Begins", "The Players and the Pawns", "Ever After", and "The Samurai Who Couldn't Die". It also rearranges some stories from other sections into a new set called "Tales from the Calm", which includes "For Coin and Country", "A Malm in Her Shoes", "A Display of Ingenuity", and "The Hunt Begins".

Collection Title Synopsis
Tales from the Calm "The Hunt Begins" Blessed with prodigious strength and cunning at a young age, Zenos sleepwalks through his childhood training and lessons until a new tutor bests him in a duel. For two weeks, he is unable to land a single blow against his opponent. He learns that the tutor is a Corvosi master of the Unyielding Blade, a school of swordsmanship that focuses on lightning quick strikes and aether-imbued energy waves. Zenos manages to reproduce the technique by observation. The enslaved master, who had initially come to Garlemald to assassinate Varis, instead turns his animosity toward the son who dares to copy his techniques. However, his murderous intent is for naught as Zenos parries his attacks and responds with a single killing blow. Zenos had embedded a crystal in his palm to make up for his Garlean lack of aetherial ability.
Tales from the Storm "The Players and the Pawns" Tataru arranges with Hancock in Kugane for materials needed to repair the aetheryte at the House of the Fierce in Yanxia for the Doman Liberation Front. A Hannish and a Hingan contractor bid for the project but Tataru manages to haggle it down to half the Hingan's initial offer by playing them against each other. When she goes to the storehouse to collect, it is locked behind her. The Hingan merchant had become indebted to Garlean agents and his offer was a ruse to capture the Scions' accountant. Conveniently, Hancock had Brass Blades shadow Tataru and they free her shortly after. The Scions receive the materials for free and the East Aldenard Trading Company gains the merchant's storage facilities in Kugane.
"Ever After" In the Doman Enclave, Yugiri attends to errands when Cirina arrives by yol in search of rare herbs for a feast. While they wait for the shipment to arrive, Cirina tells the story of her first meeting with Hien. He had been injured in his escape from Garlean occupied Doma and barely clings to life when Cirina finds him. After a month of fitful rest, Hien awakes. He fears that his presence will draw Garlean ire upon the Steppe but Temulun insists that he stay. With Cirina's help, he slowly recovers and retrains his body for the day that Doma calls upon him again. He promises to be their sword if they still wish freedom or else commit ritual suicide if they are through with bloodshed. In the present, Cirina leaves before Yugiri can summon Hien to meet with her, not wishing to impose on his busy schedule.
"The Samurai Who Couldn't Die" While on his pilgrimage, Gosetsu recalls his service to Doma. After the fall to the Empire, in which his wife and daughter are killed, he begs Lord Kaien to allow him to join them in death. He refuses, asking Gosetsu to protect his newborn son Hien. During the first Doman rebellion, Gosetsu plans to go down in a blaze of glory when Kaien is killed, but Hien once again stays his hand. Gosetsu's third thwarted death happens in the second rebellion when Yotsuyu brings Doma Castle down on his head. In the present, he buries the dead on an old Garlean battlefield and has a vision of his family, Kaein, and Tsuyu smiling and waving from the other side. He tries to reach them but his time still has not yet come.


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