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This foul-mouthed femme fatale never lets go of a grudge—or the throats of her enemies. She effortlessly swings her scythe using only one hand, hacking and slashing foes to shreds.

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Sice is a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0, who also appears in Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy Awakening. She represents the number 6 of Class Zero and wields a scythe.



No.06 Sice.

Sice has white hair tied in a messy ponytail and blue eyes. As a member of Class Zero she wears a uniform with a short red skirt, a black jacket with gold-padded shoulders and a tattered red cape. She wears heeled knee-high boots and black thigh-high socks. She wears hot pink panties lined with a black trim. Her summer uniform has a black skirt with a loose black belt, white socks with two gray stripes at the top, a black gold-lined vest with red lapels, a white sleeveless collared shirt, a black bow-tie, a tattered red cape and long black gloves. Her dress uniform has a red jacket with black-padded shoulders and cuffs, a black skirt with a white lace trim, red knee-high socks, white gloves and a white tattered cape. Were she ever to become one, Sice's l'Cie brand would be located on her right elbow.

In Final Fantasy Awakening, Sice's hair is pale bluish-white.


Foul-mouthed and ferocious, Sice is quick to criticize others' shortcomings and not spare them a second thought. She loathes getting bogged down by other people's problems, a firm believer in the survival of the fittest. Despite her hard exterior, however, she takes any affront to heart. Each and every offense fuels the flames in her vindictive spirit, driving her to fight even further.

Sice isn't good with words but has good judgment. Her rough speech gives her a tomboy-like personality, although her tone softens as the war goes on. Sice's outlook on life is cynical: as far as she's concerned, the strong survive and the weak perish, and that's just the way it is. That doesn't mean she is heartless, and Sice does care about her classmates, but doesn't show it the same way most people do. Instead, she believes in "tough love" by pushing others to be stronger to ensure they can look after themselves. As implied by Class Zero's reminiscing of their earlier school days, Sice is easily annoyed by Trey due to his chatty personality. She also finds Machina's tendency to be emotional a weakness.


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Final Fantasy Agito[]

Sice's icon.

Sice is a member of Class Sixth and dons a green mantle.

She can be found in what used to be Class Zero's classroom during the morning, afternoon and evening.

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Final Fantasy Type-0: Change the World -The Answer-[]

A week after the battle of Togoreth the cadets discuss the war, Nine confident they will defeat Milites. When Sice points out Milites has the strongest army in Orience they argue, Sice finding it excruciating to be classmates with Nine. Sice doesn't think she can rely on all of her fellow classmates, especially the newcomers Machina and Rem. Machina is shocked and Rem stutters an apology. Sice says that if they became a hindrance she would kill them herself and leaves.

Their next mission a week later is to destroy a Militesi weapons development facility, as the use of MA is one the empire's key strengths in the war. The main team—Ace, Queen, King, Seven, Cinque, Trey, Cater and Eight—are to attack the factory with the other three teams of two members each attacking other facilities as distraction: Machina with Rem, Jack with Deuce and Nine with Sice. Deuce asks Nine to be patient with Sice, saying she isn't a bad person regardless of her harsh mannerisms.

Nine and Sice reach a warehouse for Colossi. Nine attacks the war machines, triggering the alarm, and the two stand back to back to fight off Militesi soldiers to buy time for the main team, Sice also destroying the lines of Colossi with fire magic. After they are done Nine claims that Sice has been even more irritable than usual ever since the war began. She admits it is true and says that she has never spoken about her past before. She never had a father and was abandoned by her mother when she was seven. She grew up in a gang in a town that has since has been destroyed. When the gang got busted by Milites the others betrayed her and she was caught. Demanding the whereabouts of her "friends," Militesi soldiers took her out in the snow where she collapsed. Sice is forever grateful that she was saved by Arecia who gave her a warm home at last.

A hidden sniper hits Nine in the leg. Nine creates a hole in the ground with his lance and pulls Sice in to escape the sniper's scope, but they can't stay there for long as the sniper may call in reinforcements. The two rush in the direction of the gunshot while dodging the incoming fire, but Sice is struck in the leg. Nine turns back for her even if Sice urges him to go ahead. Nine makes another hole and pulls Sice in, where it turns out she also has an abdominal wound and she passes out.

She awakens on a bed in a village near the border. Nine has treated her wound but admits he is not good with magic, and advises her to see Arecia later. A Concordian appears outside, informing them of the ceasefire invoked by Queen Andoria. Confused, the two head off to rendezvous with the others.

Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Ha! You took a beating for nothing, then.

Sice to Eight

Sice wielding a scythe.

Raised by her adoptive mother Arecia Al-Rashia since the age of seven, Sice demonstrated a prowess for combat and a dislike of socializing. Arecia sought to cultivate the former, and developed a rigorous training program. Under her tutelage Sice joined Class Zero, a group of students from Akademeia, the magic academy of the nation of Rubrum, that fights the invasion by the Militesi Empire. As part of the resistance operation "Operation Apostle", she and her comrades seek to become the Agito, a messiah prophesied in ancient mythology to appear at the time of Tempus Finis, an apocalyptic calamity.

After the cadets help liberate Akademeia, the class is officially enrolled and deployed to missions to help retake the areas conquered by the empire. Because the Crystals of Orience remove the memories of the dead from the living, often people only learn of someone's death when they get a letter from the dominion informing them of their loss. Sice wonders what it would be like to receive such a notice of death of someone who can't even be remembered.

Sice sometimes snoozes during lectures, deeming them too easy and not worth her time. When Eight comments she is smarter than she looks she makes fun of his height. After the cadets help liberate Rubrum Region, Sice hangs out at Central Command, and if one of her classmates speaks to her, she doubts they share a bond of friendship just because they happen to have been assigned to the same class. She says she is "only going along with this whole class thing" because it's what Mother wants, and feels everyone else feels the same, deep down. If the others want her trust she deems they have to earn it.

Sice and the others watch Bashtar flee.

Sice accompanies Nine and Queen in engaging the Militesi General Qator Bashtar and his magitek armor, Gabriel, during the battle at Togoreth. After Qator is forced to move back, the White Tiger Primus l'Cie Nimbus arrives and Class Zero is called to withdraw along with the Rubrum forces as the Vermilion Bird Crystal deploys Zhuyu Voghfau Byot to face off against Nimbus. Togoreth is obliterated in the clash, and afterward Sice is unimpressed becoming a l'Cie and following the Crystal's Will has one destroy an entire area killing thousands of civilians, saying she is more than capable of winning on her own as "it doesn't take superhuman strength to pulverize a bunch of Militesi morons."

The cadets are sent to liberate Mi-Go in a joint mission with the Kingdom of Concordia, where Eight and Sice meet with their Concordian contact, a woman with a vendetta against the local imperial commander. After the cadets neutralize the imperial antennas and dispatch the local commanding officers, the Concordian woman confronts the imperial officer. Sice comments she does not like her, but Eight points out Sice herself has a similar attitude, which she is quick to deny.

After the cadets help liberate Iscah Sice hangs out with Queen in Central Command and sarcastically comments how Marshal Cid Aulstyne "conveniently" took the Militesi reins after the emperor "mysteriously" disappeared. They watch a recording of Cid addressing the populace, claiming the empire will become Agito and lead Orience to a new future. Queen speculates Cid is only using the term Agito for an excuse to invade Orience.

Sice complains about the ceasefire.

When the cadets are sent to sabotage the imperial magitek armor program they get orders to cease fire due to a newly wrought armistice mid-mission. Kurasame Susaya, Class Zero's commanding officer, travels to the imperial capital as Chancellor Khalia Chival VI's aide and negotiates for the cadets' safety, and afterward explains the situation to them: the empire had proposed peace before the cadets' mission was underway, but they could not contact them in time to halt it. The cadets disagree with the treaty, positing that the empire has no right to ask for peace for being the initial aggressor.

They meet Queen Andoria of the Kingdom of Concordia who explains that peace is the Will of the Crystals, and that the cadets' opposition would only lead to Tempus Finis. Yet, the cadets struggle accepting that what they have been fighting for is against the Crystal's will. Afterward, Sice complains about their order to stay put, deeming it unfair.

Queen Andoria is assassinated and Class Zero is blamed for it. The cadets are ambushed at Hotel Armada and make a hasty escape from the city, realizing they are unable to contact Central Command, raising the possibility they have been abandoned to fend for themselves. They face off against Celestia, Queen Andoria's aide, who, at first, holds them culpable for the regicide and knocks down Rem and Machina, the newest additions to the class and its only members who haven't been augmented by Arecia to wield magic independent of the Vermilion Bird Crystal.

When Deuce stands up to her Celestia is convinced otherwise, and helps the cadets escape the city to a deserted house in the Old Lorica Region. Sice is impressed with Deuce's resolve, saying that "if there is anyone I know not to piss off, it's Deuce." After an argument over Machina holding the rest of Class Zero culpable for his brother Izana's death, he marches off.

The cadets stay overnight with Sice and King keeping watch. She ponders where Machina went, and whether it was because of the "hints" she'd been dropping ever since he joined the class of him being inferior to the rest. The two are relieved of their watch duty by Seven and Nine, and the four ponder how Machina had learned about Izana's death. Seven mentions she had seen him talk with the commandant back in Ingram, and Sice derides Machina for being manipulated so easily. When the morning comes and he still hasn't returned, Sice is ready to leave without him, until he finally shows and they can move on, as Deuce exclaims the COMM is working and she has reached the dominion.

Kurasame organizes for the cadets to be rescued by airship and back in Akademeia tells them there will likely be an investigation, and implies the cadets switched off their COMM to avoid being contacted. The cadets find the accusations ridiculous. Sice is not surprised the empire broke the peace treaty, and resents being held responsible for Akademeia's top brass's bad judgment. During free time she hangs out with Nine at the Ready Room and runs into Carla, Sice warning Nine of Carla's gil-grubbing ways.

After the cadets return from a mission to reclaim Eibon, they assemble in the classroom to hear their next orders from Kurasame, but Machina has gone missing. Kurasame explains to the rest the upcoming battle plan against the joint Militesi-Concordian forces, as the new King of Concordia has allied with Cid Aulstyne.

Class Zero is to be sent with Lord Zhuyu to fight off the Concordian dragons with an airship fleet, while Kurasame will accompany the rest of Rubrum's legionaries, as well as Akademeia Agito Cadets and trainees, to the Militesi border for the Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Lady Caetuna to summon a Verboten Eidolon. Sice comments the mission is "do-or-die" but that she has no intention of dying anytime soon. She criticizes Machina for having left the class.

The cadets help Rubrum secure victory on the eastern front by defeating Shinryu Celestia. The western front is falling back and thus Class Zero is recalled as reinforcements to destroy the empire's crystal jammer allowing for Lady Caetuna to begin summoning Alexander for which Kurasame and the other cadets give their lives to complete the summoning. Alexander obliterates the Militesi forces, and Caetuna enters crystal stasis. Class Zero visits the numerous new graves in the Akademeia cemetery but cannot comprehend the losses as all memories of Kurasame as well as the others perished have been removed from them by the Vermilion Bird Crystal.

Donning his new red cape Naghi Minatsuchi meets Sice and Trey outside classroom zero and exclaims he has joined Class Zero as he has been assigned by dominion intel to report on them. As Cinque and Deuce join them, they act baffled, but Naghi explains he doesn't want to hide anything because he considers Class Zero his friends.

Rubrum conquers Concordia, and before the class heads off to conquer the empire, Sice laments getting her revenge for the class's framing for regicide. The class is sent to Ingram to invade the imperial capital, but as the class is to be deployed Machina disappears again. The others go without him and best General Qator Bashtar in his new and improved MA. The empire falls and Orience is united under the Vermilion Bird banner. However, as the cadets return to Akademeia they find its cadets and legionaries slain by the Rursan Reavers and the dominion commanders gone: Tempus Finis has begun.

Other cadets reveal the once Code Crimson missions, which Class Zero partook, making the remaining cadets turn against them, blaming them for the ensuing apocalypse. Rem's illness reaches its final stages and she collapses. Sice vilifies Machina being missing now that Rem would need him. Arecia explains the cadets have lived their lives according to the Will of Crystals recorded in the Akashic Records, but now that the "souls have been released" they can write their own ending, as humans have the power to decide how they live or die, hinting at a vital decision the cadets would soon need to make. Sice derides it being ironic the only choice in life they get to make is how to die.

Sice ponders what happens to the world without an Agito.

Sice and Nine learn from Cinque Concordia has likely capitulated to the Rursus. While Sice says they have finally met their match, Nine disagrees, saying Class Zero will kill every last one of them, lifting Sice's mood. Queen calls everyone to the Altocrystarium room where she tells them about the Judge who resides in the newly appeared sanctuary, Pandæmonium, to make the Final Decision: if there is no Agito, Orience will be destroyed by the Rursus. The cadets plan to infiltrate the sanctuary to speak to the Judge while knowing that without Arecia they will not be revived if they fall in battle.

Queen speculates the Judge wants to fulfill the Focus given to him by the Crystals, and when Cinque points out they never gave anyone a Focus, meaning they wouldn't need to follow it, Sice admires her deduction skills. Sice and Jack also speak with Ryid Uruk, a fellow cadet, Sice being impressed with his desire to never give up. In an unexpected change of heart, Sice laments that though she had always given Machina a hard time he's got a good heart and can even empathize with the dead whom the living cannot remember, something Sice herself admires. Now when she faces death herself, Sice finds she fears being forgotten.

The cadets are taken to Pandæmonium by Celestia who loses her humanity and turns into Shinryu Celestia for having defied the Focus given to her by the Azure Dragon Crystal. The cadets head to the top of the temple guided by Cid's voice, who had entered Pandæmonium ahead of them. The Vermilion Bird Crystal asks them to become l'Cie, but if they accept the cadets are slain by the Rursus, Arecia deems it yet another failed experiment, and Orience and, eventually, Class Zero, are reborn in wait for another Tempus Finis.

If they choose to remain mortal, the Vermilion Bird brands Rem, still slumped in Arecia's office back in Akademeia, in their stead, and sends her to intercept a White Tiger l'Cie it had sensed in Pandæmonium, wanting one of the Vermilion Bird to become Agito. As Rem engages the l'Cie she is impaled by his rapier, and it turns out the l'Cie was Machina who had willingly inherited the White Tiger Secundus l'Cie Qun'mi Tru'e's Focus to become strong enough to protect Rem. As Rem dies, both enter crystal stasis, the cadets mourning the sight when they happen upon their crystal.

Sice during the ending.

The cadets face off against Cid who has become the Rursan Arbiter, possessed by the fal'Cie Gala. He deems Class Zero unfit to be Agito, and thus sets out to destroy Orience. Machina and Rem's crystal bestows the cadets with their power allowing them to prevail, but like the rest of Class Zero, Sice meets her end after they vanquish the Judge. On the verge of death alongside her classmates, Sice exhibits a more gentle side to her, talking to her classmates in a calm and comforting tone.

The mysterious Tiz and Joker, who had been observing the class's progress, ask for Arecia to listen to the class's wishes from beyond the grave. By listening to their souls Arecia learns the class loves her, but have made their own decision on how they met their end and do not wish to be revived. Arecia releases Machina and Rem from crystal stasis and instead of restarting the spiral, departs from Orience, abandoning the experiment to find Etro's gate with the Agito. The Crystals of Orience fade and people are allowed to remember the dead, Machina and Rem holding dear the memories of Class Zero. When Machina and Rem find Class Zero dead, Sice is holding hands with Nine and Jack.

In the alternate ending, caused by Arecia removing the Crystals from Orience's history, Sice lives her life peacefully with the rest of the members in Class Zero. She has a hidden affection for Kurasame, and tries to give him a love confession letter. Sice accidentally presents it to Seven who comes in between her and Kurasame, with the latter thinking that the flustered Sice has feelings for Seven. Sice becomes aggravated in response to a flattered Seven considering the relationship.

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Final Fantasy Type-0[]

Sice in battle.

Sice wields a scythe and has an aggressive hit-and-run battle style characterized by her ability to chain her melee attacks. She can change her attack patterns considerably and easily, but is hard to master. With the Combo Bonus upgrade, her 7-hit normal combo can reach up to 20 hits. Sice also has the quickest movement speed in towns.

Despite being a good melee attacker, Sice is average compared to the other melee cadets, such as Eight and Nine. Her attack speed is faster than Nine's, but slower than Eight's, and while her attack power is better than Eight's, her critical hit ratio is inferior to Nine's. Her time latency between each combo is balanced. Her normal attacks consist of various swipes with her scythe, which she moves towards the target in a stride.

Her Mobile Strike allows her to change her method of attacking via tilting the analog stick, which can be advantageous, yet difficult to master. Frontal attack allows her to "pounce" ahead before striking with her scythe, hitting the ground. Consecutive frontal attacks are faster, but have a shorter stride than the first pounce. Tilting the analog stick left or right while attacking makes Sice perform a circular slash in which she will slide to that direction. Consecutive use proves it is barely accurate enough to hit enemies, but considered an escaping attack. The backing away attack allows Sice to instead skip away from the enemy while swinging her scythe around. Performing this consecutively is inefficient due to its long recovery time.

Her most unique feature is the ability to absorb the "hatred" (malice) of dead enemies, causing a dark red aura to surround her scythe that glows gradually brighter as she absorbs more. The aura increases the power of her basic attacks as well as the area-of-effect's size, namely, her Dark Nebula attack, and the brighter the aura is, the stronger she becomes. Every time Sice is hit by an attack, regardless of it staggering or knocking her away or not, the malice is purged out from her. It is vital to keep as much malice as possible to utilize Sice's abilities to its fullest, and the Moxie ability upgrade and the Tenacity ability to make her a fearsome character.

Final Fantasy Awakening[]

Sice's scythe becomes a glaive when she attacks her opponents. She can inflict poison on her opponents when she unleashes both her special attacks and her strongest skill. She is considered a weak character.

One of her skills becomes bugged as she is able to wipe out the player once she is defeated, as it consists of 650% damage. This known bug also causes the player to be banned for a day due to using Sice to play the game or doing events.

Other appearances[]

Sice has appeared in the following games throughout the Final Fantasy series:

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Sice has made key guest appearances in the following non-Final Fantasy games:

Behind the scenes[]

According to the Final Fantasy Type-0 novel, Sice is obsessed with food due to being near starved as a child, and wants to become a chef upon leaving Class Zero. She recounts how she cannot forget the taste of the soup Arecia gave her when they met for the first time, and she says she wants to learn how to cook such delicious soups. The idea shocks the others, including Nine, whose teasing makes Sice threaten him to be her guinea pig and taste-tester until she gets better at cooking.

In the interview published in Final Fantasy Type-0 World Preview, when asked which weapon they would choose to use from those used by Class Zero, both Sice's Japanese voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro and Seven's Japanese voice actress Mayuko Aoki chose Sice's scythe, with Aoki mentioning how cool it is even though it is not a ranged weapon.[citation needed]


Sice is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version. She shares her voice actress with Raffaello from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (DS), Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII in World of Final Fantasy, Minfilia Warde from Final Fantasy XIV and Aranea Highwind from Final Fantasy XV.

In the English version, she is voiced by Corri English.


Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Agito

Etymology and symbolism[]

"Sice" is one of the values in trumps, the Japanese term for traditional Western playing cards. It means "six" in Old French and was borrowed from earlier dicing games, where it referred to the corresponding value on a six-sided die. In modern French it is spelled "six" and is pronounced approximately in between the English "sis" (short vowel stress) and "cease" (long vowel stress).

The pronunciation and katakana for Sice's Japanese name, Saisu (サイス?), is nearly identical to the pronunciation and katakana for her weapon of choice, the scythe: Saizu (サイズ?).

Sice's ultimate weapon, the Tezcatlipoca, shares its name with a central deity in Aztec religion.

According to the Prophecy of the Nameless Tome, Sice represents the Power of Tenacity. While its definition relates to stubbornness and persistence, it is also indicative of a refusal to back down or even die.

Throughout her character design, Sice's traits hold elements related to the "goth girl" archetype found within school centered premises: a female into grim subjects and whose personality is sometimes dour or with an attitude. The heat of a life or death situation tends to bring out the will to survive. Within a worst case scenario the annihilation/overcoming of opposition may be the only option. Within some schools of Japanese martial arts, sakki is a concept that embodies the killing instinct as a spiritual force, and for which practitioners are taught to be spiritually sensitive of. Her emphasis as a "grim reaper" in battle may reflect this.