Rikku: You just don't get it, do you?
Paine: It's no good, he's not listening.
Yuna: Shuyin, please stop this!

At the start of the battle

Shuyin is the final boss of Final Fantasy X-2, fought after defeating Vegnagun's head.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Battle[edit | edit source]

Shuyin has high Agility, Evasion and Strength, and good Defense, but has mediocre Magic Defense and poor Magic. His attacks resemble Tidus's Overdrives in Final Fantasy X (albeit with different names) and deal heavy damage:

  • Spinning Cut, based on Spiral Cut - has a damage constant of 24 and targets one character.
  • Hit & Run, based on Slice & Dice - has a damage constant of 8 and hits random characters 6 times.
  • Force Rain, based on Energy Rain - has a damage constant of 20 and deals magic damage to all characters.
  • Terror of Zanarkand, based on Blitz Ace - has a damage constant of 10 and hits one character 9 times (190~214 base damage each hit). Each hit ignores defense. During Terror of Zanarkand Shuyin thrusts his sword into the ground. However, when he lands after the attack the sword is already in his hand again, without him having to pick it up.

He cycles through them, throwing in regular attacks in-between. Terror of Zanarkand will probably K.O. any character due to its high damage output. In the original version, Shuyin favors Yuna, and if she is alive, he'll target her above the others. In the remastered versions he'll target any party member.

The party will not pose upon winning this battle.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The girls should be equipped with dresspheres that deal high damage, like Dark Knight and Samurai; stat-increasing accessories and Garment Grids, like Rabite's Foot (increases Luck) and Iron Duke (increases almost all stats), and Valiant Lustre (increases stats by 20) and Higher Power (breaks HP and damage limits). Warrior, Black Mage and Berserker are also good choices due to their damage-dealing potential, but they must be equipped with accessories and Garment Grids that boost Strength, Defense, Magic and Magic Defense—the latter two for the Warrior, the former two for the Black Mage, and the latter three for the Berserker. Black Mage, Dark Knight, and Samurai should wear Haste-inducing accessories, like Speed Bracers. The Mascot is also a good dressphere if the player has it, due to its high stats.

Another way to easily win the battle is to employ a high-level captured fiend that has Break Damage Limit, access to Ultima, and a high Magic stat. With the Cheer Meter set to 5 stars, Shuyin should fall with one use of Ultima.

The player should also have a White Mage or Alchemist for healing. In the original version, Yuna should not be the designated healer. In all versions, the player needs to heal whoever gets hit by Shuyin while having the other two party members attack full force. A good strategy is to use Light Curtain for Protect and Lunar Curtain for Shell on the party. It is wise to steal the extremely rare Hero Drink item from Shuyin; however, stealing from him only has a 12.5% success rate.

AI script[edit | edit source]

Basic Pattern:
Turn 1
 Use Normal Attack on random target

Turn 2
 Use Terror of Zanarkand

Turn 3
 Repeat Turn 1

Turn 4
 Use Hit & Run

Turn 5
 Repeat Turn 1

Turn 6
 Use Spinning Cut

Turn 7
 Repeat Turn 1

Turn 8
 Use Force Rain

Repeat from Turn 1

Remaining HP Pattern:
if he has 1/2 of max HP or higher remaining, 1/10 chance of yelling or a
quote from Braska, Auron, or Jecht (each quote can only be used once, and
Shuyin does nothing) - quotes randomly chosen
Braska: "Be strong, Yuna."
Braska: "You're the only ones who can stop him."
Auron: "Stay focused."
Auron: "End his cheap tricks."
Jecht: "Put that crybaby to sleep!"

if he has less than 1/2 of max HP remaining, 1/14 chance of yelling or a
quote from Braska, Auron, or Jecht (each quote can only be used once, and
Shuyin does nothing) - quotes randomly chosen
Braska: "It's almost over, Yuna."
Braska: "He can't take much more."
Auron: "Yuna, don't falter now."
Auron: "Good."
Jecht: "Not much longer now."
Jecht: "Yeah!"
Jecht: "Don't let up! Keep fighting!"

Musical theme[edit | edit source]

"Their Resting Place" plays during the battle with Shuyin. The theme includes a dark reprise of the melody of "1000 Words," the game's vocal theme that Shuyin's lover Lenne wrote as her last song to him, but which he never heard.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Vanish with the rest of Spira!
All this ugliness must end!
One thousand years of agony!
Don't interfere!

If the player loses to Shuyin, then:

I won't let anyone stand in my way.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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