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The party with Shroud effect.

Shrouds (リザーブスモーク, Rizābu Sumōku?, lit. Reserve Smokes) is a special class of consumable items in Final Fantasy XIII that bestow temporary benefits on the party if they enter a battle while under its effect. Shrouds are used by pressing L1/Left bumper on the field and are unavailable during battle. The effects stack, so multiple shrouds can be used at once. The shroud effects last for 30 seconds and the shroud icon will begin to blink three seconds before the effects expire.

Most shrouds are obtained from treasure chests or from enemies as drops, but in the last chapter a new shop in the Retail Network, Eden Pharmaceuticals, opens up, which sells all shrouds except the Ethersol. It is also possible to obtain shrouds by dismantling pieces of equipment at the upgrade screen. One way to farm Ethersol is to purchase a Speed Sash from Moogleworks for 10,000 gil and level it up to star level, upgrade it with a Mnar Stone, level it up to star level again, and dismantle for an Ethersol and some change.

Another trick involves the use of Deceptisol and the Retry option; if a player uses a shroud, enters a battle while under its effect, and cancels out of the battle with the Retry option, the player gets the shroud back as if they had never used one. The trick with Deceptisol is to use one to sneak past a group of enemies. Whenever a player is in an enemy's combat zone the screen will flash red. Once the player has passed the enemies' combat zone, they can turn around and engage the enemy, then use the Retry option to cancel the battle. The player gets their Deceptisol back, but respawns on the other side of the enemy, and thus has passed the enemies without having to expend the Deceptisol. Deceptisol is mentioned in the Brain Blast quiz in Final Fantasy XIII-2, where it is revealed that in the in-universe film MI: Sahagin, the hero uses a Deceptisol to get past the security system without alerting his enemies.

Shroud list Edit

Name Effect Cost
Fortisol Casts Bravery, Faith, and Haste at the start of battle. 12,000
Aegisol Casts Protect, Shell, Veil, and Vigilance at start of battle. 12,000
Deceptisol Makes the party difficult for passing enemies to detect allowing the player to avoid enemy encounters or to trigger preemptive battles. 30,000
Ethersol Restores the party's TP. Unpurchasable

Drop rate Edit

Rank Shroud Drop Rate
5-3 Stars Normal
2 Stars 2x
1 Star 4x
0 Stars 8x

Drop rates are universal throughout each area except the Pulse Vestige, where a few enemies exceed 12%. Each individual enemy group has its own obtainable shroud type. Aegisols cannot be obtained until reaching the Vile Peaks. Bosses and enemies in the Hanging Edge don't drop shrouds, and no enemies drop Ethersols.

Because of this, players can easily accumulate shrouds earlier in the game, where getting 0 stars in the battle rating within the Pulse Vestige yields a drop rate of at least 96%. The probability of dropping a shroud will increase if the player equips the Survivalist Catalog.

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