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Shrine of Isis in First World.

Shrine of Isis is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II. Monsters inside the shrine mention that as long as Ki's present, Ashura wouldn't come inside. Interestingly, there's no humans or mutants at the shrine.


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The party ventures into the shrine and speaks with Ki, the main character asks her what she knows about MAGI. Ki wonders what s/he'll do with MAGI, such as become a god. One of his/her traveling companions tells her that s/he's searching for his/her father. Ki tells them that a man wearing a hat came to the shrine, ask about MAGI and left. Before the main character leaves, she mentions that people have said that there are MAGI in the Relics of the Ancient Gods, giving them direction to it.

After defeating Ashura, the party learns Ki is sick and that micronized enemies snuck into her body. Ki's attendant tells them that the only way to get inside a body is to micronize, they should ask the Giants how. Ki entrusted her to give the Defense MAGI to them.

The party returns to Ki after finding the Micron in Giant World, they use the Micron and become small. They enter Ki's body shortly after through her mouth. The party manages to extract Ki's MAGI from her, saving her. Ki thanks the party and asks them what are they going to do now. The main character tells her that they are going to the next world and continue to search for MAGI.

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Isis is a goddess in Egyptian mythology, whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. She was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic.