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Show of Resolve was a quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


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This event highlights several instances whereupon the featured characters have steeled themselves in battle against their opposition.

In Alexandria, Zidane squares off against Steiner and Brahne's Bomb to kidnap Garnet, who then directs the party though the Ice Cavern where he faces Black Waltz No. 1.

Later, Garnet uses the Lindblum Festival of the Hunt to distract her entourage and make her way back to Alexandria. When Zidane and the others come to from a knockout weed, a heavily-wounded soldier informs them of an attack on Burmecia. Freya presses the party to make haste to the kingdom, passing through Gizamaluke's Grotto and taming the beast within. The party arrives at the sacked kingdom a step too late, only to face General Beatrix and fall.

Meanwhile, Garnet and Steiner meet with former tutor Doctor Tot, who has reconstructed an old service tunnel between Alexandria and Treno that they then use to return to the castle, though not before dealing with Mist spawn blocking their route. Garnet's plan to reason with Brahne fails, and she is captured and stripped of her latent powers.

After a humiliating battle at Cleyra, Zidane and the others stow away aboard Alexandria's Red Rose, arriving in time to rescue Garnet, but are waylaid a final time by Beatrix, who comes to her senses at the sight of Garnet debilitated.

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