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Initially equippable by Warrior of Light, Firion, Onion Knight, Cecil, Kain, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Exdeath, Cloud, Squall, Laguna, Zidane, Tidus, Vaan, Gabranth, and Lightning.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Broadsword 1 500 gil
Iron Sword 1 1300 gil
Serpent Sword 1 4400 gil
Saber 1 9300 gil
Mythril Sword 1 9300 gil, Iron Sword, Mythril
Storm of Light 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Rapier 30 24600 gil
Gold Sword 30 24600 gil, Saber, Gold, Sky Pirate's Desire x3
Sun Blade 30 24600 gil.Broadsword, Rusted Metal
Estoc 30 34900 gil
Crystal Sword 30 47100 gil, Rapier, Crystal, Flash's Desire x3
Coral Sword 30 47100 gil, Rapier, Corel Ore
Ancient Sword 30 61000 gil, Sun Blade, Narshe Ore
Silvance 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Diamond Sword 60 76800 gil, Crystal Sword, Diamond x2, Knight's Dream x3
Rune Blade 60 76800 gil, Estoc, Gulg Steel, Flash's Desire x3
Falchion 60 113800 gil
Enhancer 60 113800 gil, Coral Sword, Gagazet Steel, Champion's Desire x5
Save the Queen 60 135000 gil, Rune Blade, Darksteel Ingot, Knight's Dream x5
Dragon Slayer 60 135000 gil, Flametongue, Dragon's Tear, Liegeman's Dream x5
Brave Blade 90 158000 gil, Icebrand, Darksteel Ingot, Wanderer's Hopes x5
Balmung 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Wanderer's Hopes x2 (Labyrinth)
Excalibur 100 182800 gil, Save the Queen, Brave Blade, Eureka Metal
Excalipoor 100 182800 gil, Cancer Recipe, Dragon Seal, Chocograph
Wyrmhero Blade 100 182800 gil, Aquarius Recipe, Crystal Eye, Al Bhed Primer


Initially equippable by Firion, The Emperor, Onion Knight, Kain, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Terra, Squall, Laguna, Ultimecia, Zidane, Kuja, Tidus, Vaan, Gabranth and Lightning.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Knife 1 500 gil
Dagger 1 1300 gil
Khukuri 1 4400 gil
Triton's Dagger 1 16100 gil, Knife, Chocobo Chick Powder
Piercing Dagger 30 24600 gil
Man-Eater 30 34900 gil, Triton's Dagger, Skeleton Fragment
Air Knife 30 47100 gil, Man-Eater, Skull Knight Shard
Assassin's Dagger 30 61000 gil, Main Gauche, Unknown's Bone
Crescent Knife 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Thief's Knife 60 76800 gil, Mage Masher, Dragon Lich Bone, Youth's Desire x5
Valiant Knife 60 113800 gil
Sigrun 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Youth's Dream x2 (Labyrinth)
Orichalcum Dirk 60 135000 gil, Air Knife, Bismarck Spine, Youth's Dream x5
Gladius 90 158000 gil, Thief's Knife, Syldra Spine, Thief's Hopes x5
Crimson Glare 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Thief's Hopes x2 (Labyrinth)
Adamant Knife 100 182800 gil, Assassin's Dagger, Adamantite, Knight's Hopes x5
Zwill Crossblade 100 182800 gil, Orichalcum Dirk, Gladius, Omega Skeleton
Chicken Knife 100 182800 gil, Libra Recipe, Omega Badge, Sphere


Initially equippable by Warrior of Light, Garland, Firion, Cecil, Kain, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Exdeath, Cloud, Sephiroth, Laguna, Jecht, Vaan, Gabranth and Lightning.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Longsword 1 500 gil
Greatsword 1 1300 gil
Flamberge 1 4400 gil, Greatsword, Mithra Tooth
Hardedge 1 9300 gil, Longsword, Mithra Tooth
Claymore 1 16100 gil
Zweihander 1 16100 gil, Longsword, Bangaa Tooth
Flat Saber 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Inferno Sword 30 61000 gil Hardedge, Silver Lobo Claw
Claymore 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Royal Swordsman's Blade 60 113800 gil
Defender 60 113800 gil, Zweihander, Sphinx Fang, Stalwart's Desire x5
Apocalypse 60 135000 gil, Flamberge, Kujata Horn, Lion's Dream x5
Ogrenix 90 158000 gil, Defender, Bahamut Horn, Soldier's Hopes x5
Durandal 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Soldier's Hopes x2 (Labyrinth)
Ragnarok 100 182800 gil, Apocalypse, Ogrenix, Shinryu Claw


Initially equippable by Warrior of Light, Garland, Firion, Cecil, Kain, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Vaan, and Lightning.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Katana 1 450 gil
Uchigatana 1 15420 gil
Nodachi 1 15420 gil, Katana, Shiny Metal
Kiku-ichimonji 30 59610 gil, Uchigatana, Gulg Steel
Yasha 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Murasame 60 132880 gil, Kiku-ichimonji, Darksteel Ingot, Giant's Dream x5
Onimaru 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Giant's Dream x2 (Labyrinth)
Kazekiri 90 155700 gil, Nodachi, Brass Ingot, Lion's Hopes x5
Suzaku 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Lion's Hopes x2 (Labyrinth)
Heaven's Cloud 100 180320 gil, Murasame, Kazekiri, Eureka Metal
Genji Blade 100 180320 gil, Heike's Blade, Samurai Spirit, Giant's Hopes x5
Piggy's Stick 100 180320 gil, Capricorn Recipe, Tintinnabulum, Strategy Guide


Initially equippable by Garland, Firion, Cecil, Kain, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Cloud, and Vaan.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Spear 1 1140 gil
Javelin 1 3780 gil
Heavy Lance 1 8320 gil
Mythril Spear 1 14740 gil, Javelin, Mythril
Halberd 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Obelisk 30 32840 gil
Scorpion 30 32840 gil, Spear, Mithra Tooth
Crystal Lance 30 58220 gil, Obelisk, Crystal, Stalwart's Desire x3
Partisan 30 58220 gil, Flame Lance, Wererat Claw
Wind Spear 30 73640 gil, Scorpion, Silver Lobo Claw
Trident 60 109920 gil, Crystal Lance, Cerberus Fang, Knight's Desire x5
Radiant Lance 60 130760 gil
Holy Lance 60 153400 gil, Trident, Kujata Horn, Dragoon's Dream x5
Daedalus Lance 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Dragoon's Dream x2 (Labyrinth)
Wyvern Lance 90 177840 gil, Partisan, Dragon's Tear, Dragoon's Hopes x5
Gae Bolg 90 177840 gil, Ice Lance, Bahamut Horn, Liegeman's Hopes x5
Reginleif 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Liegeman's Hopes x2 (Labyrinth)
Gungnir 100 202640 gil, Holy Lance, Gae Bolg, Shinryu Claw


Initially equippable by Warrior of Light, Garland, Firion, Cecil, Golbez, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Jecht, Vaan, Gabranth and Feral Chaos.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Axe 1 1300 gil
Light Axe 1 4400 gil
Slasher 1 4400 gil, Axe, Figaro Gravel
Battle Axe 1 9300 gil
Tomahawk 1 9300 gil, Axe, Yaschas Massif Gravel
Mythril Axe 1 16100 gil, Light Axe, Mythril x2
Dwarven Axe 1 24600 gil, Light Axe, Basilisk Pebble
Werebuster 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict (Labyrinth)
Death Sickle 30 34900 gil, Slasher, Gargoyle Pebble
Francisca 30 47100 gil
Rune Axe 30 76800 gil, Tomahawk, Epitaph Stone
Dual Tomahawk 60 158000 gil, Death Sickle, Gorgon Eye, Phantom's Desire x5
Destroyer 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Phantom's Desire x2 (Labyrinth)
Dual Haken 90 182800 gil, Rune Axe, Catoblepas Eye, Stalwart's Dream x5
Giant's Axe 90 182800 gil, Dwarven Axe, Titan's Tear, Warrior's Hopes x5
Swanchika 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Stalwart's Hopes x2 (Labyrinth)
Earthbreaker 100 207600 gil, Dual Tomahawk, Dual Haken, Sinspawn


Initially equippable by Firion, The Emperor, Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Bartz, Exdeath, Terra, Kefka, Tifa, Ultimecia, Kuja, Yuna, Shantotto and Vaan.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Rod 1 450 gil
Guard Stick 1 1220 gil
Healing Rod 1 4090 gil
Mythril Rod 1 8810 gil, Guard Stick, Mythril
Rod of Wisdom 1 15420 gil
Full Metal Staff 1 15420 gil, Rod, Glass Beads (Can't be immediately purchased, it must first be found in Firion's Story)
Stun Rod 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict
Faerie Rod 30 23750 gil, Full Metal Staff, Ore
Wizard's Rod 30 33870 gil
Crown Scepter 30 59610 gil, Flame Rod, Polished Ore
Holy Rod 60 132880 gil, Ice Rod, Carbuncle's Gem, Girl's Dream x5
Meister Rod 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Girl's Desire x2
Empyrean Rod 90 155700 gil, Faerie Rod, Occurian Gem, Despot's Hopes x5
Assault Staff 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Despot's Hopes x2
Stardust Rod 100 180320 gil, Holy Rod, Empyrean Rod, Huge Materia


Initially equippable by Firion, The Emperor, Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness, Bartz, Exdeath, Terra, Kefka, Tifa, Ultimecia, Kuja, Yuna, Shantotto, and Vaan.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Staff 1 450 gil
Oak Staff 1 1220 gil
Healing Staff 1 4090 gil
Mage's Staff 1 4090 gil, Staff, Mandragora Twig
Elder Staff 1 8810 gil, Mage's Staff, Alraune Twig
Magma Staff 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict
Golden Staff 30 23750 gil, Oak Staff, Gold, Wraith's Desire x3
Power Staff 30 23750 gil, Flamescepter, Rafflesia Vine
Rune Staff 30 45880 gil, Healing Staff, Rafflesia Vine
Judicer's Staff 30 59610 gil, Power Staff, Treant Branch
Magical Mace 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict
Staff of the Magi 60 92640 gil, Rune Staff, Macalania Timber, Witch's Desire x5
Cloud Staff 60 111860 gil
Staff of Light 60 132880 gil, Elder Staff, Moore Log, Girl's Dream x5
Seraphim's Mace 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Girl's Desire x2
Zeus Mace 90 155700 gil, Staff of the Magi, Elder Log, Summoner's Hopes x5
Empress Kharna 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Summoner's Hopes x2
Nirvana 100 180320 gil, Staff of Light, Zeus Mace, Iifa Tree


Initially equippable by Firion, Onion Knight, Cloud of Darkness, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Ultimecia, Zidane, Tidus, Jecht, Prishe and Vaan.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Juji Shuriken 1 8320 gil
Boomerang 1 14740 gil
Pinwheel 1 22900 gil
Chakram 1 22900 gil, Boomerang, Chocobo Powder
Moonring Blade 30 44660 gil
Rising Sun 30 73640 gil, Pinwheel, Skull Knight Shard
Cutlass 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict
Fuma Shuriken 60 153400 gil, Rising Sun, Bismarck Spine, Vision's Desire x5
Derringer Dirk 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Vision's Dream x2
Wing Edge 90 177840 gil, Chakram, Syldra Spine, Thief's Hopes x5
Cleaver 100 202640 gil, Fuma Shuriken, Wing Edge, Omega Skeleton

Grappling Weapons[]

Initially equippable by Firion, Bartz, Tifa, Tidus, Jecht, Prishe, Vaan, and Feral Chaos.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Leather Gloves 1 400 gil
Metal Knuckles 1 3780 gil
Mythril Claw 1 8320 gil, Metal Knuckles, Mythril
Darksteel Claws 1 14740 gil, Metal Knuckles, Black Flan Membrane
Work Glove 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict
Sonic Knuckles 30 22900 gil
Tigerfangs 30 58220 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Lizardman Skin
Burning Fist 60 73640 gil, Darksteel Claws, Chimera Hide, Brawler's Desire x5
Cat Claws 60 130760 gil, Tigerfangs, Behemoth Leather, Horror's Dream x5
Hyper Fist 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Horror's Dream x2
Inferno Claws 90 153400 gil, Burning Fist, Humbaba Leather, Brawler's Hopes x5
Aura Gloves 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Brawler's Hopes x2
Ehrgeiz 100 177840 gil, Cat Claws, Inferno Claws, Demonic Black Leather


Initially equippable by Firion, Bartz, Terra, Kefka, Ultimecia and Prishe.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Diamond Bell 1 13380 gil
Gaia Bell 1 13380 gil, Diamond Bell, Alraune Twig
Rune Bell 30 55440 gil, Diamond Bell, Treant Branch
Blessed Bell 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict
Madhura Harp 60 70480 gil, Rune Bell, Macalania Timber, Harlequin's Desire x5
Dream Harp 60 87360 gil, Rune Bell, Golmore Timber, Harlequin's Dream x5
Lamia Harp 60 126520 gil, Dream Harp, Moore Log, Liegeman's Dream x5
Tinklebell 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Liegeman's Desire x2
Apollo's Harp 90 148800 gil, Madhura Harp, Elder Log, Harlequin's Hopes x5
Bell of Alexander 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Harlequin's Hopes x2
Loki's Lute 100 172880 gil, Lamia Harp, Apollo's Harp, Iifa Tree


Initially equippable by Firion, Bartz, Squall, Laguna, Yuna, Vaan, Gabranth, and Lightning.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Tanegashima 1 400 gil
Altair 1 3780 gil
Valiant 1 3780 gil, Tanegashima, Fish Scale
Vega 1 14740 gil
Capella 1 14740 gil, Altair, Delicious Fish Scale
Plasma Gun 1 1 gil, Joy of Conflict
Sirius 30 32840 gil
Betelgeuse 30 44660 gil, Valiant, Aged Turtle Shell
Ras Algethi 30 58220 gil, Sirius, Ancient Turtle Shell
Mega Cannon 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict
Aldebaran 60 73640 gil, Capella, Scorpion Shell, Gunner's Desire x5
Spica 60 90880 gil
Antares 60 109920 gil, Betelgeuse, Garchimacera Husk, Flash's Dream x5
Arcturus 60 130760 gil, Aldebaran, Taharka Husk, Sky Pirate's Dream x5
Fomalhaut 90 153400 gil, Antares, Tiamat Carapace, Gunner's Hopes x5
Sharpshooter 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Gunner's Hopes
Death Penalty 100 177840 gil, Arcturus, Fomalhaut, Eden's Cuirass


Initially equippable by Firion, The Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Bartz, Kefka, Tifa, Zidane, Kuja, Yuna, Shantotto, Prishe and Vaan.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Oaken Pole 1 450 gil
Cypress Pole 1 450 gil, Oaken Pole, Mu Fur
Iron Pole 1 4090 gil
Six-fluted Pole 1 15420 gil, Cypress Pole, Moogle Fur
Battle Bamboo 30 23750 gil
Musk Stick 30 23750 gil, Oaken Pole, Cockatrice Feather
Zephyr Pole 30 45880 gil, Iron Pole, Zu Feather
Iron Fan 30 59610 gil, Musk Stick, Zu Feather
Triple Staff 30 1 gil, Rage of Conflict
Gokuu Pole 60 92640 gil
Ivory Pole 60 92640 gil, Zephyr Pole, Queen Lamia's Locks, Thief's Desire x5
Eight-fluted Pole 60 132880 gil, Six-fluted Pole, Ixion's Mane, Vision's Dream x5
Dragon's Tail 60 132880 gil, Battle Bamboo, Dragon's Tear, Thief's Dream x5
Battle Pole 60 1 gil, Sorrow of Conflict, Soldier's Desire x2
Mjollnir 90 155700 gil, Ivory Pole, Sleipnir's Mane, Lion's Hopes x5
Berserker's Staff 90 1 gil, Delight of Conflict, Witch's Hopes
Supreme Pole 100 180320 gil, Eight-fluted Pole, Mjollnir, Kluya's Beard

Special Weapons[]

Equippable by all characters.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Cursed Blade 30 34900 gil, Virgo Recipe, Shinra Card Key, GF Eden
Blade of the Damned 90 158000 gil, Sagittarius Recipe, Warp Cube, Carnelian Signet
Ultima Weapon 100 182800 gil, Pisces Recipe, Noah's Lute, Whisperweed


Requires the ability "Equip Machines" to use for any character.

Name Level Cost/Trade
Air Anchor 100 182800 gil, Mallet x5, Gear Collection x2, Gunner's Hopes x5


Name Level Equippable By Cost/Trade
Flame Sword 30 Warrior of Light 61000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite, Hero's Desire x5
Braveheart 90 Warrior of Light 158000 gil, Flame Sword, Electrum, Hero's Dream x5
Barbarian's Sword 100 Warrior of Light 182800 gil, Braveheart, Guiding Light, Hero's Hopes x5
Ogrekiller 30 Garland 61000 gil, Claymore, Scarletite, Stalwart's Desire x5
Viking Axe 90 Garland 158000 gil, Ogrekiller, Electrum, Stalwart's Dream x5
Gigant Axe 100 Garland 182800 gil, Viking Axe, Wheel of Darkness, Stalwart's Hopes x5
Rebellion Army 30 Firion 61000 gil, Obelisk, Scarletite, Liegeman's Desire x5
Longinus 90 Firion 158000 gil, Rebellion Army, Electrum, Liegeman's Dream x5
Wild Rose 100 Firion 182800 gil, Longinus, The Youth's Dream, Liegeman's Hopes x5
Diamond Mace 30 The Emperor 61000 gil, Obelisk, Scarletite, Despot's Desire x5
Demon's Rod 90 The Emperor 158000 gil, Diamond Mace, Electrum, Despot's Dream x5
Mateus's Malice 100 The Emperor 182800 gil, Demon's Rod, Lust for Power, Despot's Hopes x5
Tyrfing 30 Onion Knight 61000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite, Youth's Desire x5
Royal Sword 90 Onion Knight 158000 gil, Tyrfing, Electrum, Youth's Dream x5
Onion Sword 100 Onion Knight 182800 gil, Royal Sword, Onion, Youth's Hopes x5
Calcite Staff 30 Cloud of Darkness 61000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite, Wraith's Desire x5
Bizarre Staff 90 Cloud of Darkness 158000 gil, Calcite Staff, Electrum, Wraith's Dream x5
Everdark 100 Cloud of Darkness 182800 gil, Bizarre Staff, Roaming Clouds, Wraith's Hopes x5
Dark Sword 1 Cecil 9300 gil, Broadsword, Rusted Metal, Knight's Desire x3
Mythgraven Blade 30 Cecil 61000 gil, Dark Sword, Scarletite, Knight's Desire x2
Lustrous Sword 90 Cecil 158000 gil, Mythgraven Blade, Electrum, Knight's Dream x5
Lightbringer 100 Cecil 182800 gil, Lustrous Sword, Twin Form, Knight's Hopes x5
Cimmerian Edge 100 Cecil 182800 gil, Lustrous Sword, Twin Form, Knight's Hopes x5
Lilith Rod 30 Golbez 61000 gil, Wizard's Rod, Scarletite, Warlock's Desire x5
Asura's Rod 90 Golbez 158000 gil, Lilith Rod, Electrum, Warlock's Dream x5
Zeromus Shard 100 Golbez 182800 gil, Asura's Rod, Lone Heart, Warlock's Hopes x5
Black Dragon Spear 1 Kain 9300 gil, Spear, Mithra Tooth, Knight's Desire x5
Holy Dragon Spear 30 Kain 61000 gil, Black Dragon Spear, Scarletite, Dragoon's Desire x5
Abel's Lance 90 Kain 158000 gil, Holy Dragon Spear, Electrum, Dragoon's Dream x5
Highwind 100 Kain 182800 gil, Abel's Lance, Price of Treachery, Dragoon's Hopes x5
Chocoblade 30 Bartz 61000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite, Wanderer's Desire x5
Dayspring 90 Bartz 158000 gil, Chocoblade, Electrum, Wanderer's Dream x5
Dorgann's Blade 100 Bartz 182800 gil, Dayspring, Splendor of the Wind, Wanderer's Hopes x5
Ghido's Blade 30 Exdeath 61000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite, Tree's Desire x5
Moore Branch 90 Exdeath 158000 gil, Ghido's Blade, Electrum, Tree's Dream x5
Enuo's Scourge 100 Exdeath 182800 gil, Moore Branch, Power of the Void, Tree's Hopes x5
Osafune 30 Gilgamesh 61000 gil, Uchigatana, Scarletite, Giant's Desire x5
Kotetsu 90 Gilgamesh 158000 gil, Osafune, Electrum, Giant's Dream x5
Yoshiyuki 100 Gilgamesh 182800 gil, Kotetsu, Enkidu Feather, Giant's Hopes x5
Chain Flail 30 Terra 61000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite, Girl's Desire x5
Morning Star 90 Terra 158000 gil, Chain Flail, Electrum, Girl's Dream x5
Maduin's Horn 100 Terra 182800 gil, Morning Star, Veiled Magic, Girl's Hopes x5
Lamia's Flute 50 Kefka 61000 gil, Diamond Bell, Scarletite, Harlequin's Desire x5
Nephilim Flute 90 Kefka 158000 gil, Lamia Flute, Electrum, Harlequin's Dream x5
Dancing Mad 100 Kefka 182800 gil, Nephilim Flute, Fanatic's Leer, Harlequin's Hopes x5
Buster Sword 1 Cloud 9300 gil, Longsword, Figaro Gravel, Soldier's Desire x5
Force Stealer 30 Cloud 61000 gil, Buster Sword, Scarletite, Soldier's Desire x5
Butterfly Edge 90 Cloud 158000 gil, Force Stealer, Electrum, Soldier's Dream x5
Fenrir 100 Cloud 182800 gil, Butterfly Edge, True Past, Soldier's Hopes x5
Masamune Blade 30 Sephiroth 61000 gil, Claymore, Scarletite, Champion's Desire x5
Masamune 90 Sephiroth 158000 gil, Masamune Blade, Electrum, Champion's Dream x5
One-Winged Angel 100 Sephiroth 182800 gil, Masamune, Life of the Planet, Champion's Hopes x5
Godhand 30 Tifa 61000 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Scarletite, Brawler's Desire x5
Premium Heart 90 Tifa 158000 gil, Godhand, Electrum, Brawler's Dream x5
Seventh Heaven 100 Tifa 182800 gil, Premium Heart, Stretch Boxers, Brawler's Hopes x5
Revolver 1 Squall 16100 gil, Altair, Fish Scale, Lion's Desire x3
Twin Lance 30 Squall 61000 gil, Revolver, Scarletite, Lion's Desire x5
Punishment 90 Squall 158000 gil, Twin Lance, Electrum, Lion's Dream x5
Lionheart 100 Squall 182800 gil, Punishment, Unshelled Bullet, Lion's Hopes x5
Valkyrie 30 Ultimecia 61000 gil, Pinwheel, Scarletite, Witch's Desire x5
Cardinal 90 Ultimecia 158000 gil, Valkyrie, Electrum, Witch's Dream x5
Shooting Star 100 Ultimecia 182800 gil, Cardinal, Gears of Time, Witch's Hopes x5
Machine Gun 30 Laguna 61000 gil, Vega, Scarletite, Gunner's Desire x5
High-Powered Machine Gun 90 Laguna 158000 gil, Machine Gun, Electrum, Gunner's Dream x5
Ragnarok Pistol 100 Laguna 182800 gil, High-Powered Machine Gun, Toe Jam Tragedy, Gunner's Hopes x5
Sargatanas 30 Zidane 61000 gil, Pinwheel, Scarletite, Thief's Desire x5
The Tower 90 Zidane 158000 gil, Sargatanas, Electrum, Thief's Dream x5
Ozma's Splinter 100 Zidane 182800 gil, The Tower, Theater Ticket, Thief's Hopes x5
Punisher 30 Kuja 61000 gil, Wizard's Rod, Scarletite, Reaper's Desire x5
Whale Whisker 90 Kuja 158000 gil, Punisher, Electrum, Reaper's Dream x5
Terra's Legacy 100 Kuja 182800 gil, Whale Whisker, God of Destruction, Reaper's Hopes x5
Official Ball 1 Tidus 9300 gil, Juji Shuriken, Chocobo Chick Powder, Vision's Desire x5
Striker 30 Tidus 61000 gil, Official ball, Scarletite, Vision's Desire x5
Grand Slam 90 Tidus 158000 gil, Striker, Electrum, Vision's Dream x5
World Champion 100 Tidus 182800 gil, Grand Slam, Fayth's Dream, Vision's Hopes x5
Kaiser Knuckles 30 Jecht 61000 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Scarletite, Phantom's Desire x5
Sin's Talon 90 Jecht 158000 gil, Kaiser Knuckles, Electrum, Phantom's Dream x5
Sin's Fang 100 Jecht 182800 gil, Sin's Talon, Medal of Honor, Phantom's Hopes x5
Yevon's Will 30 Yuna 61000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite, Summoner's Desire x5
Yunalesca's Staff 90 Yuna 158000 gil, Yevon's Will, Electrum, Summoner's Dream x5
Spira's Hope 100 Yuna 182800 gil, Yunalesca's Staff, Braska's Sphere, Summoner's Hopes x5
Jupiter's Staff 30 Shantotto 61000 gil, Healing Staff, Scarletite, Lady's Desire x5
Laevateinn 90 Shantotto 158000 gil, Jupiter's Staff, Electrum, Lady's Dream x5
Claustrum 100 Shantotto 182800 gil, Laevateinn, Boiling Blood, Lady's Hopes x5
Koenigs Knuckles 30 Prishe 61000 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Scarletite, Horror's Desire x5
Spharai 90 Prishe 158000 gil, Koenigs Knuckles, Electrum, Horror's Dream x5
Glanzfaust 100 Prishe 182800 gil, Spharai, Tarragoner, Horror's Hopes x5
Demonsbane 30 Gabranth 61000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite, Warrior's Desire x5
Deathbringer 90 Gabranth 158000 gil, Demonsbane, Electrum, Warrior's Dream x5
Chaos Blade 100 Gabranth 182800 gil, Deathbringer, Gates of Judgment, Warrior's Hopes x5
Reks's Blade 30 Vaan 61000 gil, Vega, Scarletite, Sky Pirate's Desire x5
Sword of Kings 90 Vaan 158000 gil, Reks's Blade, Electrum, Sky Pirate's Dream x5
Zodiac Blade 100 Vaan 182800 gil, Sword of Kings, Galbana Lilies, Sky Pirate's Hopes x5
Blazefire Saber 1 Lightning 1300 gil, Broadsword, Rusted Metal, Flash's Desire x5
Flamberge 30 Lightning 61000 gil, Blazefire Saber, Scarletite, Flash's Desire x5
Omega Weapon 90 Lightning 158000 gil, Flamberge, Electrum, Flash's Dream x5
Zantetsuken 100 Lightning 182800 gil, Omega Weapon, Survival Knife, Flash's Hopes x5
Axis Blade 1 Lightning 500 gil, Broadsword, Midgar Flower, Flash's Desire x3
Enkindler 30 Lightning 61000 gil, Axis Blade, Scarletite, Flash's Desire x5
Barrage Blade 90 Lightning 158000 gil, Enkindler, Electrum, Flash's Dream x5
Odin Blade 100 Lightning 182800 gil, Barrage Blade, Survival Knife, Flash's Hopes x5
Talons of Despair 30 Feral Chaos 61000 gil, Broadsword, Utter Chaos's Desire x2, Utter Chaos's Dream x2
Endless Oblivion 100 Feral Chaos 61000 gil, Talons of Despair, Tome of Adventure, Utter Chaos's Hopes x5

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