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In Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, new inventory appears in the shop when the player reaches certain points in the storyline, or when the player obtains new equipment pieces or trade accessories, the new inventory requiring the new equipment or trade accessories to be traded for. There is also the Moogle Shop that uses KP (kupo points) as currency, operated by moogles.

List of wares[]





Note: ETC items will only be applied to the character the player is currently playing while shopping. After purchase, you can equip the ability in the extra section of the basic abilities menu.
Name Effects Cost/Trade
Extra Slot Adds 1 accessory slot 100 gil, Rosetta Stone
Level Up Adds 1 level 1000 gil, Chocobo Cologne
Peltast's Gear Enables sword, dagger, greatsword, katana use 1 gil, Knight Lore
Hoplite's Gear Enables spear, axe, grappling weapon use 1 gil, Marksman Lore
Mage's Gear Enables rod, staff, pole use 1 gil, Sage Lore
Ranger's Gear Enables thrown weapon, instrument, gun use 1 gil, Gunner Lore
Knight's Gear Enables shield, large shield use 1 gil, Knight Lore
Thief's Gear Enables bangle, gauntlet, parrying weapon use 1 gil, Samurai Lore
Infantry Gear Enables helm, hat use 1 gil, Samurai Lore
Bard's Gear Enables hairpin, headband use 1 gil, Gunner Lore
Cavalier's Gear Enables light armor, heavy armor, chestplate use 1 gil, Marksman Lore
Evoker's Gear Enables clothing, robe use 1 gil, Sage Lore
Dancer's Garb Enables ribbon use 1 gil, Dancer Lore
Use Machines Enables machine use 1 gil, Chemist Lore

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